Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Alise was rounding up the children for the party to celebrate the new baby arriving. She noticed Star slip in quietly and get her bag, so there must be some injuries, Alise hoped only minor ones, she had heard some of the fighting had been fierce.

Pausing when she hears Stoneys words, Alise looks to Laila, who is helping Gracie get settled in a high chair next to Meras.

She sighs, loath to spoil Lailas fun with the little ones. She had arranged for the party as a surprise for everyone. Alise takes a deep breath and asks Laila if they can speak privately for a moment.

In the hall Alise relays what Stoney has told her. She watches as Lailas eyes grow dark and stormy. She is quiet for a moment and then in a strong voice says, “I will not let him ruin any more of my days. I am not going downstairs. Ramji will know why and where to find me when that monster is gone.”

Alise smiles and gives Laila a hug. “Good girl. I am sure they will send for us if we are needed. But you have already testified to Raths brother about how you were treated, so I think we can continue the celebration.”

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