Monday, July 18, 2011

Arriving at the fairy tree Mya asks for Trist. After a moments chatter, Trist is found and brought to Mya. He flits in front of her and gives her a short bow.

“I can take message for Warriors mother...”

Mya delivers the message and Trists eyes go wide when he hears who it is for. Another demifae tells him that Inari is with Tychus in his tower. “Hurry. Message very important.”

Trist nods and bows again, then disappears into the forest, wings buzzing.

As Mya turns to leave she runs right into Ghaunt who had just stepped into the clearing from the cover of the trees. She gasps and is ready to yell at him for scaring her, but something in his expression makes her swallow her words. Seeing the frantic look on his face, she asks him what is wrong.

Trying to catch his breath Ghaunt tells her, “I need Star. I need to warn her. Ardara... please Mya, where is she?”

Ardara! The evil one..
.. Mya hesitates only a second, sensing the seriousness and urgency of the situation. “Come. Mya take you....” and she leads the way to the Tavern, the two warrior Fae following close behind.

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