Monday, July 18, 2011

Ghaunt is busy, going about his assigned chores and trying not to wince or make a sound every time he moves. This last beating had been especially vicious, and with the last whipping barely healed, he is in agony - though trying hard not to show it.

Ardara has been speaking with people all day, sometimes in hushed voices, though sometimes her laughter rings out loud. Ghaunt tries not to pay attention to anything that was said, or the comings and goings of various high -laced Drow that come to see her... it's safer that way. But today his defenses are down, he's tired and in pain and he wants nothing more than to go lie down for awhile. He waits but for a break in Ardara's conversation so that he can ask if there is anything else she needs from him. He can hear her discussing her plan for the gift she planned for Lolth.

“I should have been watching for that Warrior child or his mother. There are many of us that would prefer that the Warrior not survive to adulthood... and his mother might bear more children. To be safe and insure our continued prominence, both should die.

The prophecy is an ancient one, speaking of the moons and star... this girl, she has scars in the shapes of crescent moons on her upper arms, and the changeable eyes, or so I am told.... I think the gargoyle first, as a gift for Lolth... Then we can see about getting to this Warrior child.... I will send the men tonight for the gargoyle, the eclipse is almost upon us and I am told there will be other distractions in Exton tonight....” Ardara laughs mirthlessly. “And since the gargoyle is known to the Warrior's mother, there may be a chance of getting them both...”

Ghaunt stopped dead in his tracks. They are going to get Tori tonight... and she knows Star? How can this be? Are they related somehow or do they just know of one another? Star says she knows the Drow are watching her, but who sent them? It can't be Ardara, she would have told me to keep an eye on her as well as on Tori... I have to warn them.... Star said I can send a message through the demifae, they are loyal to her....if I can get to the place she showed me and not be followed.... His thoughts are getting more frantic and he accidentally drops a bowl that he was carrying back to the kitchen.

“What was that?” Ardaras voice pierces the stillness of the temple.

Swallowing hard, Ghaunt lifts his head from his kneeling position, where he gathers the pieces of pottery. “My apologies, my Priestess. It slipped from my hands...”

“Clumsy oaf! Pick the pieces up and get out of my sight. I have no use for you this evening. But come to me first thing in the morning. We will have a prisoner to care for....” Ardaras smile is evil, contemplating her gift for Lolth.

Ghaunt does as he is bid, then goes to his hut for a dark cloak. He walks slowly, willing his legs not to hurry, not to attract any attention to himself. Once he is out of the city, his pace quickens and he heads to the secret exit and out of Underdark.

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