Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pandora holds her son; she looks into his eyes... they are green like hers, but not a soft green, a fiery green that seem lit from within. When she talks to him and strokes him softly she can read his response in his eyes; a glow... maybe she is the only one to see it... but it tells her Teri loves her in return.

The soft scales on his body are the color of flesh; and seem to taper to near normal human skin at his hands and feet... when he is clothed few will know of his difference... except for the spines on his head and neck. Pandora runs her hand softly over them, and finds that beneath her touch they seem to soften; go pliant and rubbery, not hard and dangerous as they may be to others when he is grown. His dark hair is straight like hers, not the mass of tumbling curls that Chloe inherited from Ob... but in the light from the lamp beside the bed she can see the iridescent highlights that grace the tuft of darkness that crowns his head.Again she runs her hand over his face, he is a beautiful child... she can see already that his features will be handsome to look upon; and muses about the bumps on his forehead... Ob will perhaps have more insight into what those will become. Chloe sits patiently waiting for her mama to complete her inspection of her baby brother... she holds a blue nightgown she is to help put on Teri... her first big sister act; then she gets to sit between her mother and father and hold Teri herself... she is excited at the idea she will have special things to do each day to help with her brother.

Pandora helps and soon the baby is in his gown and Chloe is ready for her big moment... Pandora holds her son close to her; feeling his answering emotion... and then lays him gently in Chloe's waiting arms.

Chloe's eyes grow wide as she realizes the babe is in her care... and Teri seems to sense this is an important first meeting... and he waves an arm at her... Chloe grabs the small hand at the end of the arm and the fingers clinch around hers... Chloe jerks... as it seems a current runs from her brother to her... "mama, he loves me too, he's telling me with his hand."

Pandora glances up to Obsidian..." Josephito, is it possible? I sense his emotions when I hold him, and we seem to meld together; is it possible he will have this strong bond with us all?" She is in deep thought for a moment... "he is born in the midst of a great battle of good and evil... do you think he knows it?..does he know you named him a warrior's right arm and companion?" Ob reaches past Chloe and caresses Pandora's cheek... "this is all to be discovered as he grows bruha, if we give him our love and guidance he will show us who he will be."

Teri starts to wimper,not quite crying... but letting them know he is in need. Pandora takes him gently from Chloe and tells Ob; "I think our son is hungry... will you take Chloe to the nursery to join her cousins and she can tell them all about her brother." Obsidian scoops Chloe into his arms amid giggles and he starts through the door.."I'll be back in a minute, bruha."

Pandora opens her gown and brings her son close, offering her breast to him... watching his mouth quest for mere moments before closing round the nipple and suckling. He feeds well for his first time; and Pandora closes her eyes and rests with Kaltero close in her arms.

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