Monday, July 18, 2011

Crouched among his stone breathrn, Stoney is just one more carved figure in the eaves of Town Hall. Nigel, the Nightflyer who makes Exton his home, has his batlike feet curled around a sill on the apartment building at the end of the block. Stoney shares a mental laugh with his Kin. Alise's soft laugh touches him as Pandora is momentarily distracted from her labor. He looks like someone's sheet!

As if on cue, a breeze picks, lifting the Nightflyer's wings. The nightmare creature lets his body stay limp, flapping like just so much fabric. Alise giggles. Mon Dieu. Keon out did himself with this glamour! Stoney laughs. Non Chaton. That is all Nigel. We all tend to forget he is from the Fae realms as well. Movement on the street below draws his eyes. One of Tori's kids, a crow, drapes herself against the corner of a building next to the alley. Stoney smiles as the girl fluffs her wild hair and hikes her skirt.

Alise reminds him that this one is no kid. They have been finding out that many of the kids are crossbreeds. Their heritages let them look like kids long after their teens. Ike's thoughts remind him that at 210 she was still thought of as a child in their own culture. Still... I am *tres hereaux that the alley is full of Shifters. This eclipse has me full of energy, but I have noticed the Shifters are on edge. So are many of the others. Thankfully the cops on this strip are Shifters and aware of our, how did they put it... Sting operation.

His mind strokes her gently, tickles all the children, before touching his Sibs. Stoney helps Ob monitor Pandora, easing her a little of her pain. Slipping behind a tight wall of thought, Stoney reads Ob's worry. Many women do not survive the birth of a Deamon spawned child.

Mon frere, you forget what you bear in your heart. At Ob's puzzlement, Stoney brings up a memory of Allah's Light as it healed. You love her, adore her, fear for her. Remember who you truly are... Azdaya Josephito Dago-Romanavich, Minstrel of the Desert Clan, Wielder of Allah's Light, Daemonspawn, Child of Stone, Gargoyle, Dragon... A small smile touches his thoughts. ^Barbere. There is a lifting of Ob's thoughts, a lightening of his worry. The Nestkin clasp mental hands, bumping shoulders mentally.

Stoney withdraws and hears Pandora ask Ob if he were alright. He watches, still in Ob's thoughts, as Ob leans down and kisses her forehead, smoothing away sweaty strands of her coal black hair. "+Si Bruha. My brother just... he was reminding me to be true to who I am. You bring our son into the world. You, ~mi Mujer, have the harder job. I am here to protect you, to support you," he kisses her gently and moves away slightly. "and to support Rowan and Star."

He presses his palm to his chest and begins to sing. The song is old among his people, one of love found and bought at a heavy price. The words mean nothing to those in the room, but the sound is soothing and full of love. The child in Pandora's womb struggles less, calming at the sound of his father's voice and the truth that bathes the room. Allah's Light shimmers into being, the curved blade glowing a healthy sunlit yellow. Moving back to the bed, Ob wraps Pandora's hand around the hilt. He holds it there and kisses her gently. When he feels the strength returning to her worn body, he lays his sword within easy reach for when her strength wanes again. Ob touches Stoney's mind Grazi Bro.

Anytime. mon ami.

Before he turns his thoughts to other things, Stoney leaves a message behind. Tori is flying back to check on Pan. Her team's shift is over. No contacts, no sightings. She is due to go back out with the next group. One of the seasoned Shifters is having a family crisis. Tori offered to take his place. He listens for a moment to the bluetooth in his ear. Gotta go, Nigel says we have ghouls at the other end of the street...

Ike touches Alise's mind. He is in stone and a seasoned Warrior. This is his home now. I pity the ghouls...

*very happy


+Yes Witch.

~my Woman

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