Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Oh, sweet Goddess….

Erik has set up a target range of sorts in his back yard, and Ky has been instructing Star in the proper use of shuriken – throwing stars. This particular design has five points, and in K’thyri’s hands, they’re utterly, no-nonsense lethal.

In Star’s hands, they’re a chunk of metal.

I don’t know what it is – poor hand-eye coordination, an inability to judge distance, a bad stance – but Star can’t seem to even hit the target, far less hit it square; and on the rare occasions that she does connect, the flat of the star is what connects and it bounces off without penetrating. Granted, it’s a tricky weapon to master; but even the law of averages should have had her hitting the target more often. I wonder if she needs glasses?

If it had been anyone else, Ky would have read them the riot act by now, or maybe inserted one of those stars where no one wants it to go; but tonight she’s a saint, correcting Star over and over, explaining her mistakes and giving her the weapon again with a smile and a sunny “Okay, let’s try it again….”

As for Star, she’s really trying… but I wonder if we wouldn’t do better to get her a shotgun….

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