Monday, July 18, 2011

Another round of drinks goes down pretty easy as the band plays. Ron is looking better than he has in the last week and a half. Ty has a girl out on the dance floor, bumping and grinding as if they were ready to give the whole place a free sex show. Toby shakes his head and leans closer to Marc to be heard.

"I still can't believe she outsmarted us."

Marc laughs. "Well, she had help." He nods at Ron where the werefox watches the crowd with wary eyes.

"Not at first. Nina laid so many false trails in that course. To lay that many, she had to be like that squirrel in "Over The Hedge".... ZOOOOOMMMMMMMMM." Toby's hand skims through the air as if zipping around obstacles. "Then hiding in Ron's shirt... Damn. That was just sneaky."

Ron reaches for his soda. "It wasn't fair. Three large predators against a squirrel? Puh-lease! I would have done the same for my sisters."

Marc is grinning at Toby as they tell Ron about Ty falling through the lightweight boxes that Nina had crossed. The Tiger drops into his chair and rolls his eyes. "Did they tell you about Marc getting caught in the narrow treads of one of the fire escapes? Or Toby trying to climb up the landings by jumping from one to the other?"

The friends laugh over the trials of trying to capture one little squirrel. Ron leans back in his chair, relaxing slightly. His eyes are still haunted, but no longer shell-shocked. "Well... she just proved that size isn't everything." His grins slips away as Toby hooks his chair leg and yanks, spilling the werefox to the floor.

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