Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The shadows of the trees are cool, a welcome change from the burning heat of the sun. Keon listens to the messages on his phone as he watches demifae flit among the leaves of Star's thriving garden. Tori had left him two. One was about a report on the license plate number Ron had remembered. The other about people asking to help in the hunt for the ghouls.

Keon watches as a Hell Hound slips by, a bit of deep shadow among the cool darkness. The red eyes gleam as it patrols the perimeter of Wish's spellcrafting. Something rustles in the brush and the Hound stills. A rabbit peaks out, sniffs, and darts the other way. The Hound sniffs at the brush, ignoring the fleeing creature. It shakes its head and moves on.

The property is quiet without everyone around.  Keon strolls back to the porch and picks up the folder he had left on the small table. Inside it is a printout of the patrols, the types of Others involved, along with their talents and weaknesses. He looks over a list of missing people, noting two cabbies. One is flagged. The cab noted as the one the ghouls tried to force Ron into.

Keon picks up a pen and begins to make a list of strategy savvy fighters. Moments later he is on the cell, beginning to make a round of calls. It is time to take the battle to the ghouls.....

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