Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tannrs gaze slowly takes in the room and the crowd gathered to hear Raths punishment. He watches Star and Rowan tend to the injured, relieved not to see Tori among those needing help. 

Would I feel it if something happened to her? Another question to ask.... Tannr smiles as he remembers the night they spent just talking and holding each other, asking each other a million questions it seemed like, but those hours had left them feeling so much closer to one another if that were possible.

Approaching Stoney, Tannr smiles and greets him. “I hear you are a new Uncle... Congratulations. Is Tori upstairs seeing the baby? I dont see her down here anywhere...”

Stoney's eyes narrow as he looks at Star, but his words are to Tannr. "She was on her way to you. She never came inside the Tavern. She was told you needed help."

Tannrs eyes go wide, “What? I didnt need any help. Who told her that? Why isnt she here?”

Stoney's dark eyes bore into Tannr's. He says nothing at first, then nods slowly. "That explains a lot. She was talking to Star. Was approached by one of her kids and followed. Star said the kid didn't feel right, like it wasn't really who they thought. Tori was gone before she had a chance to warn her." He leans closer to the Viking, words low enough that someone would have to be listening very hard to hear what the gargoyle was saying. "I can't reach her Tannr. It is like trying to push through molasses."

Tannrs mind starts to race, thinking of every possibility and just as quickly eliminating them. What the Hel? Who would have sent someone to get her? No one from the patrols.. She would have seen through a ghoul... His voice shaky and eyes full of worry he says, “Star... I need to talk to Star and find out what she saw...”

Watching from where she was talking to Nick, Star knows Stoney has told Tannr about Tori. She joins them, talking near the staircase. She repeats all she knows to Tannr. He starts to pace back and forth, mumbling at first, then Star makes out the words, “I have to find her, I have to...”

Star grabs his hand and pulls hard, getting his attention. “I sent for Inari. I thought we would need her.”

Tannr looks puzzled for a moment, so lost in thought and worry. “You can do that? Just send for the Queens Ambassador?”

Star nods and watches as Tannr stills himself and closes his eyes. He sends to Tori, not knowing if their connection was strong enough but he had to try. Tori! Where are you? Come on Baby, dont do this, please, let someone know whats going on...

Star and Stoney exchange a glance and Stoney blocks Tannrs thoughts from Ob, not wanting to worry him just yet. He knows they will have to tell him or heads will roll, But for now he needs this time with his family.

Glancing towards the front door as it opens a crack, Star watches as a demifae flits in. It was Trist, almost as if on cue, returning from delivering his message. He zigzags towards Star, exhausted from the fast pace of his trip.

“Trist! You poor thing. You must be exhausted...” Star holds out her hand for the small demifae.

“Milady Star.” Trist bows. “Ambassador Inari is on her way and will be here presently.” Trist falls in a heap and Star gently carries him to the bar, whispering her thanks. She asks Monty for honey and nectar and several demifae flit down from the rafters to help Trist eat and recover.

Across the room Raina looks up, her forehead wrinkled, eyes narrowed. What is going on? Why is Tannr so...so scared? Not for himself, worry for someone... Looking to Gareth she says, “Somethings up with my brother, back in a few..”

Suddenly the front door opens to admit Mya, zipping across the room. “Make way... visitor for Lady Star...” She is followed by a strongly built Drow and the two warrior Fae that escorted her to the fairy tree.

Tannrs reaction is instant and would have been deadly had Raina not moved quickly and grabbed his arm as he reached for his axe. “The tavern is a safe haven. Think Brother before you shame us all...You cannot draw a weapon here unless it is in defense..” As soon as Raina touched him she could feel the swirl of emotions, the pent-up rage and frustration that was almost let loose on the Drow.

Tannr looked angry enough to explode, but let his arm relax. His eyes never leaving the Drow, he watches as Star gasps, “Ghaunt! Why did Mya bring you here?”

“He has news. Must tell Star.” Mya lands on Stars shoulders and steadies herself by grabbing a strand of silver blonde hair.

With all eyes on the Drow, Ghaunt takes a deep breath. “I came to warn you and the gargoyle woman...”

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