Monday, July 18, 2011

Star had just stepped outside to take a short break. Erik had told her not go outside with all the attacks on the rise, but she needed some fresh air and Jeb was at the door.

She takes a deep breath of the cool night air and stretches out her fingers, cramped from rubbing Pandoras back.

Hearing a loud flapping noise she sees Tori, in the air above the street. She smiles, wishing she could fly and see the city from above. Tori lands and switches to human form, the change hidden in the shadows near the alley.

 “You shouldnt be outside, there are attacks all over the city..." She pauses, looking at Star's changeable eyes. She notes the concern, but also the confidence. "So how is Pan? Ob said she is holding up, and Chloe is trying to help her brother, but I came to check on them in person before I head over to the other side of town. Tannr and his patrol are holding their own but there seems to be more of those crazies out there than usual....”

Before she has a chance to drag Star inside, Tori is interrupted by one of her street kids. After a few hushed comments Tori turns back to Star and taking her arm leads her to Jeb. “Keep her inside.” She turns to Star, “Please... I have to go...” Tori heads after the tall boy that she was speaking with. As she hurries around the corner she sends to Ob, Trouble with a patrol, I'll be back soon....

Star watches as she slowly steps back into the tavern. Something was nagging at her mind, something that just didnt seem right with the situation. Tannr wouldnt send one of Toris kids if there was a problem, she was sure of it. One of the riders maybe... Tannr would try to keep Tori out of danger even though he knows she can defend herself...

Jeb watches as once inside Star starts pacing. Her forehead wrinkled in concentration, her eyes shifting colors like a kaleidoscope. He cant figure out what has her so agitated and wonders if he needs to call someone. Suddenly she whistles, a short high pitched sound that has the demifae at attention. Mya zips down the stairs wondering what is wrong. She lands on Stars shoulders, eyes wide with worry.

“Mya here. What wrong? Ghouls in tavern? Mya get them...” Mya pokes the air with her hatpin.

Star smiles at Myas antics, stabbing at imaginary ghouls. “No ghouls here Mya. I need a message taken to fairy and its urgent. Can you go to the fairy tree? I cant leave now. There should be someone there that can take a message to Inari...”

Mya grins, happy to help Star with anything. “Mya know Trist. He know way. I find him. He take message for Star.”

“Go quickly, tell the messenger to find Inari and tell her she is needed at the Tavern. Tell her I dont know what it is yet, but I know she needs to come, that something isnt right.”

Mya nods and flits to Stars cheek, giving her a kiss. “Mya go now, back soon....”

Star watches as Mya zips to the door and Jeb opens it a crack to let her slip out. The courageous little fae is stopped by two of the tavern demifae. Their conversation is high pitched and Mya gives them a regal nod as they bow to her in midair. The two males take point and rear guarding Mya as they zip on their way. Star utters a small prayer then heads back upstairs to Pandora.

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