Monday, July 18, 2011

The labor pains are coming closer each time. Rowan and Star move about efficiently as Ob coaches Pandora. Alise shields the children, giving them lots to do to distract Chloe from trying to help her mama and little brother. Ob sends her a thought and mental hug, telling her to make a puddle of love to wash over her brother when he comes into their world. She sends him a pout, but slips out of their minds and into Alise's distractions.

Tori sends them a message that she is on her way, although Ob tells her there is no need, and he knows she has a patrol to help. Tori laughs and sends her affection as she wings to the Tavern. Moments later she touches them again, telling them that trouble takes precedence. She slips from their minds as they hear her calling to Tannr to hang on. Distracted by the impending birth of his son, Ob wonders when Tannr and Tori started hearing each other, or if it was just habit that has her calling out.

The pains rock Pandora's body and Ob merges his mind with hers. He takes some of the pain, monitoring the movements of their son.The child is terrified, grasping at their link. He calms as Ob begins to sing again, letting his mother's body push him from his little world. Pandora aches with pain as Rowan tells her they can see the top of his head. She grips Ob's hand and screams as pain spikes through her body.

Ob pulls the pain away, letting Pandora relax slightly. He feels her body gearing up for another push and hers a gasp from Rowan. Quick words are exchanged, and Star is ready with towels and sutures. Ob feels the tearing as his son is pushed out, catching a glimpse of pale flesh, and a shock of straight black hair.

He watches as Rowan works quickly, stitching, applying ointment as Star washes the squalling newborn. His lungs are healthy, His movements energetic as he waves his fists and feet. Star is talking softly to him as she takes measurements and jots down observations.

Rowan turns worried eyes to Ob. Pandora is pale, paler than she should be. Ob lets his wife ease back on the pillows behind her and kisses her softly. her eyes close, a small smile on her lips. "So tired,,," she whispers.

"Rest yourself mi amor. You are *mi hermosa bruja." He kisses her again, watching as she drifts into sleep.

"I don't like this." Rowan's words pull him from watching his wife. "She is bleeding too much. It might have been the spikes. If he panicked, they may have penetrated anywhere."

Ob picks up his sword and lays it on Pandora's body. Allah's Light glows softly. His question is distant as he begins to guide the sword's magic into his wife's body. "Spikes?"

"Your son has a row of spikes along the back of his scalp and along his neck. He is covered in fine scale, like a snake. They are pale, flesh toned in fact, and he is definitely all boy. She grins slightly. No tail though..."

Ob nods absently and Rowan watches as the bleeding slows. Only when Pandora seems to be resting easier does Ob move the blade and run his hands over her body. His eyes deepen in color, becoming their normal pale blue instead of the nearly white tone while he healed. he turns to look at Rowan as Star brings him his son. Ob cradles the blanket-wrapped infant in his arms, gently exploring his fingers and toes. A smile touches his lips and he murmurs softly to the boy in Romani.

"Hello.... Earth to Ob..." The Gargoyle looks up, but it is obvious his mind is occupied. "Your son, Ob. Scales? Spikes?"

Ob laughs. "He is the son of a Deamon/Gargoyle/Dragon and a Human. Somehow I am not all that surprised." He sits in a chair by Pandora's bed. "Hell, Chloe has wings." He grins as he strokes a finger along the boy's cheek.

"What is his name?" Star's soft voice raises Ob's eyes to hers.

He turns his head to look at Pandora. "Bruha wanted a name from my Kin. We tossed around a few, wanting a strong name... Kaltero, Terry for short." he kisses the baby's forehead, the brushes the hair back, finding two small bumps on the forehead.

"Welcome to the world little man."

Rowan looks at Star, at the puzzled look on her face. "Tero means strong. But what does Kal mean?"

Ob grins and there is something hidden in his eyes. "Marteen is a prophet of our Tribe. He told me that my son would be the solid right arm of a warrior born. He will be strong and loyal to his sworn Kin. We have a group of warriors in the clan that would claim him. They are called Reapers. That is what Kal means... Reaper."

Ob's eyes go distant as he fills in the families about Kaltero. A frown creases his brow and frustration twists his lips. He sighs. "Well I guess Tori will find out soon enough. She has us blocked. It must be a nasty bit of fighting."

*my beautiful witch.

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