Saturday, December 3, 2011

Imp pauses in his flight across the receiving room. The two demifae with him stop too, fear in their eyes and longing to hurry out of this dark place where they had been held. Imp had rescued them from the dungeons. The pair had been locked in a birdcage after Ardara had decided in her mind that they were good for almost nothing. The anger in Ardaras voice had made him pause, that and the mention of her escaped prisoner.

Suddenly a large glass dish goes flying and smashes into a thousand pieces on the stone floor. Imp pulls the demifae close and holds a finger over his lips. They find a spot on a low beam where they can hide in shadow and hear Ardaras rant.

“What do you mean, no one has a decent plan? I want that gargoyle recaptured...DO YOU HEAR ME?? Did you all think I was merely toying with the idea? I want that bitch back in my dungeons... her and the bastards who helped her escape. It wont happen again....” Ardaras laugh is pure evil and sends a shiver down Imps spine.

“Where is the one that guarded her? What was his name, the one who especially hated her and tortured her?”

A servant girl kneeling on the floor gathering the shattered pieces of glass barely whispers, “Shartyrr , mylady?”

“Yes! Shartyrr, thats the one. Bring him to me. We have much to discuss. Since the rest of you IMBECILES are of no help to me. And see if Nathlyn has returned to Underdark yet. He may be of some assistance also...”

Imp watches as large and muscular for a Drow, guard enters the room. He kneels before Ardara until she bids him to stand. Imp listens to their plans. He knows the Queen has a mission for Inari as soon as Ghaunts body is laid to rest. But it sounded like Ardara was serious about trying to recapture Tori. He listened to their plotting and resolved to remember every detail, so that he could tell Tannr and warn the gargoyles.

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