Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tori stretches. Tannr's hand teases along her ribs, stroking ever so lightly. She sighs and Tannr kisses her temple.

"What's wrong, Red?"

She shakes her head. "Wrong isn't the word, just.... strange." She shifts, lifting her head from his shoulder. She leans across his chest, nails tracing circles around his nipple. "I feel... content."

Tannr laughs. Tori places her hand flat, feeling his heart beat against her palm. "I'm serious Tannr. This is more than being complacent with life. It's like finding a part that was missing, feeling whole."

The rumble in his chest sends vibrations up her arm. He slides his large hand over hers, holding her hand in place. His free hand reaches up to cup her cheek. Tori leans her head into his palm and Tannr traces her lower lip with the side of his thumb.

"Content... That's a good word for it. I know what you mean. After a while you get dissatisfied with everything, start going through the motions." At her nod, he continues, picking his words carefully. "Then something changes.... It's not obvious at first, you can even lose it if you don't recognize the signs."

Tannr pulls her down for a kiss. It is tender, gentle and searching. "I'm glad we found each other."

The time passes too quickly for Tori's taste. She sighs again, moving to sit up. "Dawn is close."

Tannr helps her settle on the pedestal. He kisses her again. "I am going to go out to Erik and Star's for the day. I don't have a patrol until later in the evening. I will let you sleep."

Tori laughs. "It's not sleeping. I will look for you. Have fun."

Tannr kisses her again murmuring, "Without you, what fun is there?"

She swats him playfully. "Go play with your brother. I'll miss you."

Tori moans softly as Tannr kisses her cheek. "I'll be counting the hours until you wake."

The sun breaks over the rooftops, bathing the patio in sunlight. Tori feels the stone seeping through her bones. Tannr stays until her form is full gargoyle, then runs a hand over her form.

"I love you, Red. More than I ever thought possible."

A voice whispers in his mind... "mated..."

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