Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Jeb was watching the door when the wave of emotion hit from Tori and Tannr; and glancing to his side Roxi felt it too. It was only natural that both being weres they would pick up the emotional wave and the wards reactions to it. Jeb wanted to grab Roxi and ravish her right there; but held himself back.He flipped open his phone and hit Ob's number. Obsidian glanced up from across the room and could sense Jeb's emotional state and told him it was okay to split. Anyone left in the tavern now were either close regulars... or victims of the wave that were now caught up in emotions that had nothing to do with fighting. Jeb slipped an arm around Roxi and brought his mouth down hard on hers... his tongue ravished her mouth and she responded with like emotion; catching his tongue with her teeth as she moaned. Jeb looked down into her eyes."Lets go get some air; we've never taken that run in the woods together."

Jeb made it around the corner to the alley where his car was parked, before he drew Roxi to him again and bending to her chest he slipped her top down to where he could capture her nipple in his mouth. Roxi moaned and wound her hands in his hair as he suckled at her breast... his other hand working itself beneath her skirt and pulling her panties aside as he slid his hand between her legs. Roxi was panting slightly and she spread her legs wider,opening herself to his touch... his fingers explored her slit, finally slipping two fingers into her moist cunt as she moved against him. Jeb's thumb pressed on her clit and Roxi thrust against his hand... her own hand gripping the bulge beneath his pants. Jeb pulled away from her breast and caught Roxi up in his arms, carrying her to the car. He opened the passenger car door and set her against the car... his hands fumbled with his jeans until he was able to free his cock and slid his pants down, and he sat in the seat... drawing Roxi to him... pulling her panties off with a jerk , he picked her up and sat her down on his lap; his cock was lifting in anticipation and Roxi was so wet that she slid right down his rod with a passionate groan. The two kissed, a kiss full of passion and fire... Jeb lifting her up and down with his grip on her hips... not wanting to wait for her to come down again on her own... Roxi's eyes were intense as they both approached orgasm, and the color and appearance of their gazes became more feral... more animal... and when Roxi came the cry that left her lips was more the howl of something wild. Jeb felt the rush of cum as she cried out and he let loose with a howl that was pure werewolf.

The two lay collapsed in each others arms for minutes that felt like an eternity of longing had been released. Jeb finally helped Roxi adjust her clothes;and gently set her on the seat as he went round to start the car.

The night was clear, and they were out of town and in the country in short order... Jeb letting loose with his wolf howl as they entered the wooded area he had come to see as his personal hunting grounds... his wild place. Roxi was enthralled  with the beauty of the pristine wood; and for a long moment they just stood together listening to the sounds of the other night creatures as they moved about. "Well, we can't hunt with these clothes on... so lets get naked and hunt"... Jeb was grinning at Roxi as he said the words... already slipping his jeans to the ground; stepping out of them to move to Roxi and help her unbutton her top; Roxi reached out and helped him slip his t-shirt off,and soon they were both naked under the moon as it rose over the tree tops. Jeb was gripped by his desire to change; and Roxi had dropped to the ground already ... the change beginning in her,even as she was watching Jeb with the lust still in her eyes. Jeb returned her gaze... watching her transformation as she watched his; until they stood together in the clearing... werewolf and fox. Jeb's figure large and menacing; Roxi a petite fox with a coat of fur that glistened a rich red in the moonlight. Jeb approached her, sniffing in wolf fashion... and Roxi rolled over on her back... submissive to his imposing form; but sprang back up... lifting her tail to the side and posturing up against him as he sniffed at her female odor. Jeb let loose with another howl of domination; and mounted the were fox beneath him, pushing his cock into her until she clenched tightly round him and they stood panting together; locked in a sexual embrace that was as old as time itself.

A brief respite and the two wild animals loped into the woods..heading for the meadow where Jeb often chanced upon deer. Tonight was a good night to hunt; the moon shone bright and Jeb spied a deer at the edge of the field... he took off after the doe, the fox fast on his heels; at one point she tore a small hole in the deers side with her sharp teeth... but by sheer size he soon outdistanced her, falling upon the deer and bringing it down. Jeb had the deer's throat torn out and the creature was dead before Roxi reached them. When she approached he tore a large hole in the deers side, exposing a large portion of flesh for her to feed upon. He stood aside, watchful, as she feasted on the venison... finally taking time when he felt safe to join her; tearing chunks of the venison off and eating with gusto. When they were both sated they took off at a slow trot back through the woods toward the car... Jeb taking his time now and waiting for the small fox to catch up... pacing himself to her gait as they moved together, at home in these woods together in a way many human couples never share.

Jeb helped Roxi dress and they were quiet as they rode back to town; relishing the feeling of release that came with running in their wild forms. When they reached the tavern they could feel the wards still holding some of that sensual abandon; and Jeb took Roxi up to his room in the tavern... undressing her slowly and making love to her again... the feelings drifting round them like fumes drifting in the air.

Finally they were both exhausted and fell asleep with Jeb cradling her protectively in his arms.

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