Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Alise moves down Raina's body, kissing and touching, ever more uninhibited, wanting only to give Raina pleasure. Raina moans as Alises tongue moves over her swollen clit. She reaches forward and grabs a handful of the golden hair that is spread all around them. Suddenly her legs start to tremble and she is rocked by her orgasm. Opening her eyes she sees Alise grinning at her and she starts to laugh. Pulling the hair like a rope, Raina says, “Come here you...”

Alise moves on hands and knees over Rainas body until their lips meet in a passionate kiss. Stoney watches for a few minutes, and feels himself getting hard again. The sight of his wife kneeling over Rainas spread eagle body is more than arousing and he cant make himself look away. He strokes himself as he watches the kisses, tongues come into play and he notices how erect Rainas dark nipples are. Leaning to one side he can see Alises breasts, full and hanging, Rainas hands busy tweaking and pulling the pink tips.

Raina notices Stoneys watching and grins. She spreads her legs wider and lifts her hips, grinding into Alise causing a surprised moan at the pressure on already sensitive parts. Her hand slips between Alises legs and finds her clit, slippery with her juices. She moves her finger in a slow circle until Alise is moaning. Raina is surprised when Alise reaches down and does the same to her. Stoney watches from a spot near the foot of the bed, both women legs spread, lips wet and inviting, hands busy. He starts to stroke faster and then sends to Alise... Dont stop what you are doing to Raina... I will help you both....

Raina can see something flit across Alises eyes and knows that Stoney has said something to her and she nods her head. Suddenly she groans and bucks back and Raina can see Stoney behind her, shoving his dick into his wife. The look on Alises face is one of pure pleasure and passion and Raina almost loses herself at the sight. She scoots down enough to take one of Alises nipples in her mouth. Suddenly she feels Stoneys hands between her legs, stroking and probing her wetness. She raises her hips and the fingers slide in and Raina bucks hard and shudders, almost losing control.

Alise starts to saying something in French and Raina can tell she is getting close. She starts to kiss Alises neck and rubs her clit as Stoney moves that huge cock in and out of her. All the while getting finger fucked by hands as big as she has ever had on her or in her for that matter. Alise is overcome by all the new sensations and moaning loudly. Raina is barely hanging on and starts to slam into Stoneys hand. She whispers to Alise, “Cum sweetie, let it go....I'm going to lose it....this feels sooo good.....”

With a roar Stoney cums and slams into his wifes hips. Alise screams her pleasure and Raina is seconds behind her, shuddering as the wetness slips down her thighs.

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