Saturday, December 10, 2011

Raina runs a comb through her raven tresses then pulls the mass away from her face and makes a ponytail. Ky is in the shower trying to talk to her but Raina cant understand a word she is saying with the water running.

Suddenly a dripping wet face pops out of a partially open shower door. “You cant hear me, can you?”

Raina laughs and shakes her head, “No, all I get is mumbles.”

“Hang on a sec...”

Raina hears the water shut off and Ky steps out, grabbing a towel to dry with.

“Oh! Are you going somewhere? I was just asking you what we should do tonight...”

Moving to a small bench in the dressing area, Raina sits and starts to pull on her boots. “Well, I was thinking of taking the bike out for a spin. Wont have many more chances before it gets too cold.”

“Its already too cold...” Ky plops next to Raina, her expression thoughtful.

“Whats up? Something you wanted to do?” Raina asks.

Ky looks down, almost shy, which makes Raina laugh. “What? There isnt anything on the planet that can possibly embarrass you..”

Taking a deep breath, Ky smiles and says, “Not really. Its just that... well.... whats it like to be with two guys that you love... and that love you back?”

Raina pauses, not sure how to answer the question at first. Then she stands and says, “Okay. Maybe you should just find out for yourself. I can go hang at the tavern tonight and stay there.”

Ky gasps, “No... I didnt mean for you to leave... and not come back... thats not...”

Raina stands and pulls Ky into her arms. “Dont be silly. I'll come back later... or in the morning... and we can talk then...” She gives Ky a shove, “Get yourself dolled up... and I expect to hear all the gory details tomorrow...”

“Okay..if you're really sure about this...”

“I am” Raina leans over and kisses Ky, then swats her ass as she breaks away.

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