Friday, December 30, 2011

After a holiday meal at the Cottage, and watching the children open gifts, Tannr sits back and watches them. He never realized how much he missed his family, a huge brood of women and children that would shock people today. Tannr had spent so much time alone at the Unformed Plane he had forgotten the joyous chaos surrounding the holidays. Tara climbs right up in his lap and throws her arms around him.

Merci de mon ensemble de thé...

Tannr and Tori had gifted the girls with tea sets for their dolls, each one with a different color of flower for decoration. Alise had scolded him for spoiling them but he only smiled, happy to be able to. Seeing Tara getting all the hugs, Mera, Chloe and Gracie swarm Tannr all wanting to say their thanks.

Alise enters from the dining room, “Where is Tomas?” her question answered by a loud crash, peals of giggles and Tara pointing up the stairs.

Mon Dieu! What am I going to do with him?” Laila was on her way up the stairs already so Alise gathers the girls. “Its almost time for dessert. Can you help me set the table?” The girls eagerly follow Alise, leaving Tannr alone in front of the fireplace, the rest of the family having gathered in the kitchen.

Tori tries to sneak up behind him and wraps her arms around his neck. “Why sitting out here Coppertop? Everyone is getting ready for dessert...”

Standing, Tannr steps around the sofa and takes Tori in his arms. He gazes into the fire and shields his thoughts, as he had been all evening. It was getting hard though and tiring, he didnt have as much practice at it as the gars and their families.

Tori looks worried when she asks, “Is something the matter?”

Tannr smiles, “No. Nothing is wrong.” He takes a deep breath and running the back of his hand over a soft cheek he tells Tori, “I am content... beyond content with whats in my heart, in your heart. I could ask nothing more from life than this love we share. But I want to make all your dreams come true. If you want a wedding, a ceremony, however big or small or nothing at all, its up to you. You are my best friend, my lover, my partner, my equal in all things... and I am doing this all ass backwards arent I?” Tannr tips Toris face up and looks deeply into her green eyes. “Red.. my beautiful Roselin Skye, would you do me the extraordinary honor of becoming my wife?”

Tori looks down as Tannr slips a ring on her finger. At first glance all she sees is the large diamond and four rubies, two on each side. Then she sees the rubies belong to two silver snakes, entwined around her finger and open mouths supporting the diamond.

Her eyes fill with tears. Stunned and unable to speak all she can do is nod and throw her arms around the man she loves.

Star grins as she takes in the scene and turns to Alise. “Do you have any champagne?”

“Why I think so, down in the wine cellar. Why? Is there something we are celebrating?”

Star tips her head towards the couple near the fireplace, “Look at her ring, and its on her left hand...”

“Ohhh....” Stoney, mon amour...can you go to the wine cellar and bring up a couple bottles of champagne?

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