Saturday, November 26, 2011

As the night wore on, the drinks flowed freely, everyone celebrating and happy to be all together again. Alise was dancing, Stoney admiring the short skirt and spiky heeled boots she was wearing. Alise had been unsure of herself when she got ready for the evening. She rarely wore short skirts or even shorts, feeling more comfortable with her legs covered. But tonight she had decided to be a bit daring, at least for her. The short black leather skirt and lavender sweater fit perfectly, the V neck showing just a hint of cleavage. The boots matched the sweater and added a good three inches to her petite frame. She left her hair hanging loose, something else she rarely did. Stoney had quickly drawn in his breath when he saw her.

Mon chaton...I wont be able to keep my hands off you...

Good....I like your hands on me... she had replied with a saucy grin that earned her a swat on the behind. will pay later for your teasing...

Taking a break from dancing, Alise and Stoney head for the family table and run into Raina and Gareth. Gareth trying unsuccessfully to talk Raina into another dance.

“No Gareth. Give me a break, I need a drink and a chair to park my ass on for a few minutes....” She pauses as Alise smiles and shoves Gareth towards her. “Take her out for a dance...” Raina plops in a chair and turns it facing the dance floor so she can watch.

“Ohh...all right...” Alise looks to Stoney who nods and grins. Gareth takes her hand but Alise stops suddenly. “Just a moment, this sweater is getting too hot...”

Rainas eyes go wide at the sight of Alise pulling off her sweater and then pulling her hair through it. Underneath it she had on a darker lavender tank top, skin tight and low cut, the red lace of her bra barely peeking out. Alise tosses the sweater to Raina. “Here, hold this for me...” and her and Gareth hit the dance floor.

Rainas eyes were hot watching Alise dance. Stoney was torn between watching his wifes suggestive moves and the expressions crossing Rainas features. Raina tosses her long black mane behind her, one hand gripping the arm of the chair and the other holding Alises sweater.

Ob sends to Stoney, How much has mon fluer had to drink?? I think you will have your hands full...

Stoney grins and keeps watching.

When the music ends Gareth tries to keep Alise on the dance floor, but she shakes her head and heads towards Raina. She approaches Raina and bends down, thinking Raina wont hear her otherwise, the music loud.

Raina feels the softness of Alises cheek, her breath hot on her face. Her bending had afforded Raina a glimpse of a red bra and cleavage and the scent of sweat, wild flowers. Alises hair draped over Rainas lap causing her to force back a sudden wave of desire.

“Thank you....I did not mean for you to sit alone....”

“Its fine...” With the words Raina had turned her face to Alises. Before she could think or try and stop herself, Raina captured Alises lips with her own. The kiss was slow, tender and Raina could feel Alise responding, passion rising.

Stoney watched and saw that the hand gripping the arm of the chair was white, Raina obviously struggling to control herself.

“Your lips are so much softer than a mans....” Alise whispered, pulling away only far enough to speak.

Raina smiles, “I would hope so... Gods.... Is your husband going to kill me? I'm sorry... well .. not really, I just dont want to cause a problem for you...”

“Non, its fine. He is enjoying looking I think. He cant decide if he should watch us or my skirt riding up...” Alise giggles and Raina knows she has had a bit too much to drink. Alises modesty seems to have flown out a window.

Alise presses her lips to Raina and Raina lets her hand slowly slide up Alises thigh. Alise shivers but doesnt pull away, so Raina lets her hand slip higher and under the skirt, feeling the soft smooth skin of a hip. Raina stops when she hears a small soft gasp from Alise.

“Are you okay?” Raina asks, but doesnt move her hand.

“Oh yes. But we shouldnt do this here...” Alise let her hand trail over Rainas chest and up her neck as she stood up. “I think this is not the end of this thing between us...”

As Raina watches Alise walk over to Stoney, Gareth brings her a tall cold glass of beer. Raina smiles gratefully and takes a large drink.

“Thanks, I needed that...”

Nodding Gareth says, “I could tell. Its a wonder the place didnt catch on fire.....”

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