Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I hear the bike fade in the distance, and then Ky speaks.

"Wow - two yummy guys all to myself. What to do...?" She gives us a mischievous grin and licks her full red lips.

"I know... while I'm making up my mind, why don't you get comfortable?"

In this context, "get comfortable" means just one thing. We grin and undress while Ky watches, her eyes flicking back and forth from one to the other. I let my eyes play over Gareth's hard body. His summer tan is beginning to fade a bit these winter days, but he's still a fine figure of a man, as they say - slender, with well-defined muscles, but not bulky like a weightlifter. He has an all-over tan, slightly fainter around the groin, but still enough to show that there's been some nude sunbathing going on while I've been sleeping. His cock is half-hard in anticipation.

I turn halfway to see Ky stripping out of her top, dropping her loincloth/skirt thingy... damn, I have to find out what the Wyldfae call that, I can't keep calling it that! Her thong follows suit and then she comes over to where we're standing. Her eyes are alight as she kisses Gareth... a slow, thorough, lingering kiss, not her usual fierce assault.

Her voice is soft, too, when she says "I love you." Gareth's reply is quiet but distinct. "I love you, Ky - always."

Then she moves to me, pressing her tight little body into mine and kisses me in the same way, her tongue exploring, fingers tracing lightly down my back, stopping just where the cleft of my ass begins. I can feel the hunger in her kiss, tightly leashed for now.... "I love you, Nick." She murmurs it against my neck. "I love you, Ky." I never thought to feel this way about even one person, far less three, but facts are facts. This is more than lust, more than friends with benefits - it's love, every aspect of it full-fledged and real.

How did I get this lucky - three times?

Ky's hand slips down to caress my balls, encircle my cock. She motions Gareth over with a tilt of her head and her other hand grips his throbbing maleness. "I want you," she whispers softly. "I want to make love with you both... everything...." We share some three-way kissing, taking our time... we can sense that this is more than just sex - this is a milestone in our relationship, and Raina was wise enough to let things unfold as they were meant to....

K'thyri goes to her knees, still stroking our cocks. She kisses Gareth's balls, gentle open-mouth kisses, sucking lightly... her tongue comes out to lick delicately up the underside of his shaft as her hand continues to stroke me lightly. His cock glistens from her mouth when she looks up at me. "Get down here, Nick," she says. "Help me with this."

I go obediently to my knees and she kisses me again, her hand working up and down Gareth's shaft. I lose myself in the wet heat of her full lips, her tongue. She angles Gareth's cock toward me. "I've seen you do this once before," she says seriously. "Now I want to watch close-up." She releases Gareth's shaft and I lean in to lick it, my tongue playing lazily along the underside, along the big vein; she teases her nails along his tight balls, scratches his thighs gently. I take the head in my mouth, hold it there for a second, then suck lightly. Gareth groans, his hips jerking slightly, and I take more of him between my lips. I have no gag reflex - another advantage of not needing to breathe - so I can deep-throat him for hours if we want to. But there's no rush. This is lovemaking in the truest sense of the word, not a race to orgasm; giving pleasure is how this game is played, sharing more than just bodily fluids. I take another inch, licking teasingly along the shaft, and then another... taking more and more until I can feel him pulsing in my throat. I hold him there and swallow, slowly and rhythmically, then slowly glide back up and offer his cock to Ky. She licks lovingly up and down, occasionally nipping gently... then she plunges her mouth down his cock, swallowing him down, sucking rhythmically. I lap at his balls; he groans hoarsely, his eyes rolling up. She eases back up his hardness, licking as she goes, then nods to me. I move to take him in my mouth, but she holds up a hand.

"Let's let him do this his way", she says; then she turns to Gareth. "My mouth is yours, Gareth; take it - any way you want."

I nod. "The same goes for me, you know that. Let us pleasure you...."

Gareth stands - a little wobbly at first - and grabs a fistful of my hair. I open my mouth and he slides his cock deep. I relax my throat, lick and suck as he fucks my mouth. I can taste his pre-cum and I savor the taste of his excitement before he pulls out of my mouth and repeats the process with K'thyri. I smile inwardly, watching him enjoy himself. I don't particularly believe in the top/bottom concept in homosexual relationships - at least not in the sense that the same partner must always play the same role. Gareth is generally - but not always - content to let me take charge when we make love; but when he chooses to be assertive, I have no problem being receptive or passive or whatever the buzzword is this week.

He's groaning, close to the edge. I open my mouth unbidden and he fucks me while I do my best to drive him insane. Back to Ky; back to me; back and forth now as he approaches his peak and then he howls and cums, spraying my face and then Ky's. Some of it goes into our mouths, but the majority is on our lips, cheeks and chins. We don't miss a beat; Ky licks the cum from my face while I clean Gareth's cock with my mouth, then I clean her face and kiss her deeply. I can taste Gareth's cum in her mouth and we trade it back and forth with wet, sloppy kisses. Gareth goes to his knees and we include him in the kiss, letting him taste his own juices until they're all gone....

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