Friday, December 30, 2011

Raina pulls up near Erik and Stars cabin. She can see two little boys, looking glum as can be, sitting on the rail of the deck. She turns to Alise and takes in the concerned expression on her face.

It was hard to believe that this was the same woman she had spent the night with. The hours of heated passion, the playfulness in the shower this morning... So many sides to we ever really know anyone?

Rainas thoughts are interrupted when Alise grabs her arm. “Mon Dieu! They look like lost puppies... surely Star has told them about Yule... it isnt that far away....”

As Raina and Star get out of the car, Tannr steps out of the cabin. “Look Tomas. Your mom is here.”

Two little heads snap up and in one motion they are off the railing and running for Alise. Tomas throws himself at his mother, struggling hard not to cry. Rubbing his back and whispering to him calms him and Alise tells him that Yule will arrive before he knows it.

Raina grabs Ryan and tosses him over her shoulder. She smiles at the breathless way he giggles, so much like Stars laugh, it was hard to connect the sound with happiness if you couldnt see their faces. She looks to Tannr who joins the group in front of the cabin.

“I guess I dont need to ask how your night went...” Raina reaches out and grabs her brothers arm. The love and happiness, a feeling of almost relief and belonging, the feelings all sweep over her. “Gods... Tannr...” she whispers and pulls him close for a hug.

Tannr grabs Ryan, then Tomas, tossing both boys over his shoulders. He turns to Alise, “Go on in... I think they are waiting for you so they can make final plans for Yule...”

An hour later the women are visiting like they have all been friends for ages. Plans are made for Keon to bring Chiara and Ryan to Alise and Stoneys a couple of days before Yule. They plan to stay for New Years celebrations and will return home sometime after that. When Tannr brings the boys in and the plan explained to them Tomas whoops for joy and Ryan joins him silently. They quiet when Keon enters.

“We should go. Tis best to get past the borders before full dark...”

Goodbyes are said and assurances to the children that its only ten days before they return and the small group mounts their horses. Alise notices Tomas and Ryan using their hands to speak. The children stand at the railing waving good by. Chiara turns once and her smile is bright, happy that her son has been found and has made friends with people that accept him as he is, like she does.

Tomas is the last one to climb down from the rail and Tannr scoops him up. “Hows my little man? I bet we can keep so busy that ten days will fly past.”

He heads towards the stables with Tomas perched up on his broad shoulders, “Lets feed and water Tante Stars horses for her. She has her hands full with everyone in the cabin.”

Alise watches from the deck with the girls and smiles as she sends to Stoney. Tannr is watching out for him and keeping him busy until you get here....

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