Saturday, December 3, 2011

Sleep... something for those who have peace in their minds or, at least, are exhausted beyond the ability to function. The night is quiet. The sounds from the houseboat are muted. Keon smiles grimly. His cadre of Riders and the Murdhuachas who helped save Tori have bonded, quite noisily it seems. And, since Eite needs protection, the boat seems to be their common ground.

Knowing the half Siren/half Drow female was more than well guarded, Keon had taken some time to think. Watching her dance with Dmitri, smile tentatively at the men who sought her company, disturbed him on a deep level. Part of the time he saw Cassie, and missed her fiercely. The other half, he saw Mera. The smoky blue skin and blue hair brought thoughts of his little girl all grown up. His chest tightens at the image and the Dark Lord sighs.

"My moon, I miss ye. I wish ye could be here to lead me in this. I am a man who misses his woman, misses she who makes his heart beat."

Raising his eyes to the sky, Keon sings quietly, sending his love to Cassie, praying that she hears his offering.

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