Friday, December 30, 2011

Stoney sends to his sibs, opening his mind to the whole clan, except the couple in the other room. When he comes back upstairs Stoney hands two bottles to Monty and the Marmurr sets them on the counter. Ike is crying silently, tears slipping down her cheeks as Monty takes her in his arms.

"Shhhhh, *Mi dulce, this saddens you?"

She wipes her eyes staring around at all the confused faces. "No.. no..." Monty brushes her wet cheeks gently. "It's just... it's about time. She's had such bad luck with..." She waves a hand, making people laugh.

Ob's arm snakes around his wife's waist, tugging her and their son close. Teri reaches for his father and Ob tickles the boy, making him laugh. "Su Tia, she is not as loco as she seems." He leans closer to the infant. "I would blame it on her being blonde, but Tia Alise... she would try to take my scales off." He winks at the boy, bringing another peal of giggles.

Ob ducks as a plastic funnel bounces off his head. He glances in Stoney's direction. "Some help here, hermano?"

Stoney chuckles, setting the last two bottles on the counter. "Your on your own, mon frère. I am not getting in the middle of this."

He kisses Alise' cheek. "Just be glad Star didn't throw something. I've seen her with the throwing stars."

Star bats her eyes sweetly, bouncing Ru on her hip. Laughter erupts as the couple enters. Stoney pops a cork on a bottle and starts filling glasses as the family congratulates Tannr and Tori. Moments later, glasses in everyone's hands, Stoney proposes a toast to the couple.

"Tannr, I can't promise you a life of flowers with our sister."

Ob snorts. "Unless you are ready for sharp thorns with the sweet blossoms."

Pandora elbows his ribs to shut him up. Stoney continues as if Ob had never spoken. "I can promise you will never be bored."

Ob rolls his eyes. "Better find your hazard gear..." Pan elbows him again.

"As her brother I need to warn you,"

Ob cuts him off. "She's been known to bite off a head or two, so don't piss her off."

Tori closes her eyes as if struck be a headache and rubs her forehead. She glances up at Tannr and mutters, "I knew that was coming. I told you about the priest...."

Stoney clears his throat. "As her brother, I need to warn you that being married to a Gargoyle is not an easy thing."

Ob opens his mouth and Ike shoves a sugared bun in it, effectively gagging him. He grins and chews the sweet dough. Pandora shakes her head at her husband, trying not to laugh aloud.

"All in all, before Ob can say anything else helpful," Ob bows his head in Stoney's  direction. "Welcome to the family Tannr, and good luck. ^Dieu sait you'll need it with her temper."

Tannr laughs and Tori throws a bun at Stoney who catches it easily. "See, she has great aim."

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