Saturday, December 10, 2011

Eira enters the tavern slowly. The atmosphere seemed charged, electric, most everyone paired off and making the most of it. Eira didnt see any of the college crowd so heads to the bar for a drink.

Monty takes her order and a few seats down the bar Rowan turns in her seat. “Hi Eira!” She waves the girl towards her and notices how she rubs her hands before Monty hands her a beer.

“Whats wrong with your hands? They look swollen too...”

“Its nothing. Just a long day at work...” Eira flexes her stiff and sore fingers.

Rowan asks Monty for her bag which she stores behind the bar when shes there. “I have something in here that might help....” Rowan pulls out a small jar of ointment. “Here it is. Try rubbing some of this on your hands.”

Eira takes the small jar and opening it, smells the contents. “Mmmm... smells good. What is it?”

“Hydrangea bark and Eucalyptus ointment. Should help the aching and the swelling.” Rowan notices Eiras sidelong glances towards Jacks booth. “I dont mean to keep you if theres someone you want to talk to...”

Eira smiles sadly, “No. I dont think he is going to want to talk to me again. He said some pretty crazy stuff the other night and I… well... I didnt react so well... I just kinda left in a huff.”

“Thats too bad. I thought you guys had hit it off... After you got up off the floor that is...”

Laughing Eira looks over at the booth again. Jack is sitting there with his Corona and across from him that same dark haired woman, barely visible in the shadows, but definitely there.

The smiles leaves her face and she turns back to Rowan. “Who is that woman that sits with Jack?”

“What woman?” Rowan looks around Eira and over to Jack who lifts his beer in a mock salute.

“That one... she's always there with Jack, across the table from him.”

“Well, I dont see anyone there now...” Rowan wrinkles her forehead, her thoughts racing, wondering if what she suspected about Eira was true.

Eira looks to Monty. “Who is that sitting with Jack? Across the table from him...”

Monty glances over and shrugs his shoulders. “I dont see anyone. Can I get you another beer?”

Eira nods and looks again. The woman is still there, looking right at her. What the hell? Could Jack be right? Can I really see something that no one else can?

Monty hands her a beer and Eira asks for a Corona. She looks to Rowan, “I think I need to apologize... something I'm not very good at...” and Eira heads to Jacks table.

Her head down, still unsure of what to say, Eira stops at the booth. She holds out the Corona to Jack.

“This is for you. I'm really sorry about how I acted the other night... in the cafe. I... well... maybe you are right or something... I dont know... but I can see....” Eira looks up and right into Kathys dark brown eyes. She watches as Kathy looks at her then turns her head to look at Jack.

“I told you she can see me...”

Jack nods and watches as Eiras face goes white. He stands and takes her arm, helping her to sit. He hands the Corona back to her. "Drink up, kiddo. I think you need this more than I do."

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