Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I am a Knight of the Bright Court. I was trained in chivalry from the moment I could sit a horse and before I could bear arms.


Chivalry be damned. I'm horny.

I pull Ky back to meet me and press my swollen cock tight against her dripping pussy. She moans and I press closer. She opens to me and I push inside her, then thrust hard. She gasps as she splits wide around my hard thick cock. I slam deep inside her, pausing - just for a second - to let her get used to it, then I pull back and slam forward, hard and fast, pounding into her. She wails as I fuck her, her hips driving back to meet me with every thrust. Nick is stroking his cock watching us, almost fully hard again. The sight sends a jolt of lust through me, and I'm sure through Ky as well. Sucking Nick off is nothing new to me, or to Ky; but doing it together...! The thought makes me fuck her harder and the pitch of her wailing goes up a notch.

This isn't just lust, though; that was obvious from the beginning. This is a new beginning in our relationship, a milestone... Before this, Ky just kind of tolerated what was between Nick and me; she was never into it, and perhaps, deep down, she hoped that we'd either break up, or she'd become resigned to it - but this is a tectonic shift of major proportions. Now... now her love for Nick is very real, and obvious to everyone in our family, as well as many people outside it. That's made all the difference. Now she doesn't just accept that Nick and I are lovers - she revels in it. Tonight, watching Nick and I make love, helping us make love - she's high as a kite with happiness, and with lust, and with love... I'm saying it badly, but words are oftentimes inadequate where feelings are concerned, and so it must be this time.

I can't see Ky's face, but I can feel her reaction as she watches Nick. She clamps down tight on my cock, fucks back at me harder and faster; she moans and groans and wails and turns talking dirty into a holy litany. "Oh gods baby, fuck me, fuck me hard... gods, that dick feels so good in my hot little pussy, so hot and hard and thick, fuck, yes! Gods, you guys are so good, so fucking good... gods... so hot watching you suck each other off, and helping... yes, yes, yes, Nick, stroke that big dick for me, baby! gods, you've got me so hot... oh yes, Gareth, just like that! hard, baby, pound that pussy hard, split me open... FUCK, that feels so good!"

She snakes one hand between her legs, strokes her clit while I fuck her dripping pussy. Her words inflame me to new heights of passion; I grip her hips and drive in deep, feeling her tightness split around my engorged shaft.

"Nick, get over here, I want to suck you."

Nick comes over and his cock is right in Ky's face. She gulps him down eagerly, taking him all the way, swallowing his hardness again and again. I ram into her, watching my lovers make love, knowing we have no limits now... it's only a matter of time now before we'll be a true foursome, in and out of bed. Nick fists a hand in Ky's hair and fucks her mouth and I fuck her pussy, feeling her grip, reluctant to relinquish me... her hips pounding back to meet my every thrust.

Nick pulls abruptly out of her mouth, moves to stand by me. I open my mouth and take him in, licking up and down his pulsing meat before I suck and swallow. He grips my hair and thrusts deep and I take it all, loving the feel, the taste of him in my mouth... loving him, loving Ky, loving Raina.... The love feeds and enhances the lust without limiting any of us... such a pity more people don't see it that way. I can hear Nick's voice coming as from a great distance, yet strong and clear. "I'm going to fuck you, Gareth." Ky wails at the words and then Nick eases out of my mouth and walks behind me. He spreads my cheeks apart; his cock, still wet from my mouth, presses tight against my ass. He begins to rock against me as I thrust into Ky's pussy, each backward thrust taking him a bit deeper. My ass gives way suddenly and I groan at the feel of his thickness inside me. We synchronize our movements, Nick fucking me fucking Ky...

K'thyri screams suddenly and her hips are in frenetic motion, fucking herself hard on my cock, while I can barely breathe, caught between her and Nick, pleasured at both sides... I can feel her cum moments before she shakes and trembles and shrieks and I thank the gods, not for the first time, that there are no neighbors within earshot.... She slithers off my cock and comes back to watch Nick fuck me, her fingers back in her pussy, stroking herself so we can both watch....

"Oh gods, lovers, that's so fucking sexy, see how hot you've made me? Gods, I wish Raina was here, I'd eat that sweet little cunt till she passed out! Mmmmm... yeah, take it, lover, take it up your tight ass! I want to watch you cum together, and I want to watch you switch places and fuck some more... gods, I can't believe how much this turns me on, I love you both so fucking much.... Yeah, Nick, fuck that tight ass, make him cum!" She strokes her hands over both of us, touching and teasing, kissing anywhere her lips can reach, caught up in the eroticism of the moment, drunk with pleasure... She slips her mouth over my cock and I gasp; Nick roars and blasts my ass full of hot cum; I hover on the peak for one eternal second, then it slams through me and I cum and cum and cum. It's too much for Ky's mouth to hold; she pulls back and the remainder catches her face and tits. She gives a long shivery moan and her eyes roll backward in her head... then she throws herself on top of us, one big pile of naked limbs and kisses us indiscriminately... sated.

But only for the moment.....

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