Friday, December 30, 2011

After everyone says hello and the children have settled down, Rowan and Pandora start the ceremony. Rowan had asked for the children to line up in the front and she grinned from time to time during the ceremony, the childrens impatience obvious.

Towards the end of the ceremony Rowan asks Chiara to pass out candles to all gathered in the Clearing, even the little ones. She then turns to a small brazier containing a small piece of her Yule log. Using this to light her candle she says...

“We have passed through the time of
darkness. The Goddess has carried us gently. I
now welcome the newborn Sun child.
May his birth bring good cheer to all the world!
May this yule log and candles bring him
strength and comfort.
Blessed Be!”

Rowan turns and lights Pandoras candle who in turn lights Traegers and as the light travels through the group Rowan says.

“Blessed be the Great Mother who is at
once Maid, Mother, and Crone. Blessed is she,
Creator of all things Great and small.
Now begins the cycle again.”

Rowan moves to where the children are standing in a row, eyes wide at the sight of all the candles being lit.

“From a single small flame the darkness can be lifted. See how the light grows around us as we share it? So it is with love and caring. One small spark can grow and grow...”

Tannr and Tori exchange a tender look and kiss. Tannr smiles at the children, all their mouths in small 'O's of wonder. As the lit candles come to the row of children Star lights Ru's with hers, who lights Tomas'. Chiara carefully takes Ru's candle and places it in a holder on the table. She kneels near each child as their candle is lit and wishes them Yule blessings and happiness letting them hold the brightly lit candle for a few moments before moving it to a holder. She repeats this with each child until there is a row of lit candles on the table.

As Pandora closes the circle Rowan says to the group of family and friends gathered, “No matter what Higher Power you believe in, take time to see the small miracles in your lives and remember the Divine is in all the those things, great and small, that take your breath away.. Blessed Be....”

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