Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ky is floating in a happy post-orgasmic haze. Living in the Unformed Plane, she's never been overly concerned with modesty or propriety, but she's never felt so open, so free as she does in this place, with these people. For the first time she allows herself to consider what it might be like to make a life outside the Unformed Plane. Certainly there's no shortage of excitement in Exton....

She smiles, looking at the naked hunks on either side of her. Hotter than hell, she thinks dreamily, and they're all mine.

Okay, that's not quite accurate; she does share them with Raina - but Raina doesn't mind sharing... not even herself. She wonders how Raina's night is going....

She stretches like a great cat, then reaches down to strum her clit. Gareth props one eye open. "Gods," he groans, "you're insatiable."

"Is that a complaint?," she asks with an impish grin.

"Never." Ky turns on her side and her mouth finds his. The kiss is slow, thorough and intense - until a cool hand reaches out and squeezes her ass. "That looks like fun," Nick says casually. "When you're done, can I try?"

For answer, Ky rolls on top of him and kisses him tenderly. Nick's hands come up to squeeze her ass, one finger probing between her buttocks, teasing her asshole. Gareth moves closer and a finger strokes lightly between her swollen lips, bringing a moan from her lips. "Mmmmm... feels so good...." She loses herself in the decadent feel of hands touching every intimate place on her body. Her nipples are hard, her pussy wet and her heart swells with happiness and love.

Suddenly she can feel Gareth's hot breath on her labia. "Hey, Nick," he says casually, "I think we ought to try a taste-test here... what do you think?"

"Sounds good to me," Nick says. "Why don't you start and I'll pick up where you leave off?"

"That'll work," Gareth agrees. In a moment, he spreads Ky's lips wide apart with his fingers and his tongue is licking them up and down, slowly and thoroughly. Already wet, her pussy floods with her fragrant juices, juices that Gareth devours like whipped cream - and comes back, ravenous for more. Ky's mouth is busy with Nick's, tongues swirling and wrestling, Nick's finger probing her ass gently while Gareth's insatiable mouth whips her pussy into a frenzy. "Ohhhhh, GODS, you're so good!" she cries when she can hold back no longer. "Oh gods, baby, yes, yes, eat that pussy!" Her hips are jerking, but the vampire holds her steady. Fuck, who knew Gareth  had a tongue like a fucking lizard? She swears it's going all the way to her cervix.... Nick's finger goes deep suddenly and she gives a short scream of pleasure as he works her tight ass. Gareth is attacking her clit now, lashing it mercilessly back and forth, up and down, circling it, then pouncing on it and sucking... she screams again, her juices running down her widespread thighs.

Nick lifts her bodily - Gareth losing her clit for the moment - and sets her down gently again. He snakes his way down the bed until he's face-to-face with Gareth. She can't see this, of course, lying face down as she is, but the next instant she has the proof of it as Gareth shoves his tongue deep in her pussy and Nick begins to lick her ass.  "Oh my fucking gods!" she screams, feeling two hot tongues working on her... Her pussy and ass clench tight as her lovers pleasure her and she wonders if it's possible to orgasm to death.

What a way to go.... 

Gareth has found that spot, that place that he can drive her to distraction by flicking his tongue back and forth. Nick is alternating between fingering and licking her ass - and then the bastards switch and she goes into fucking orbit, crying with pleasure, unable to move because Nick is holding her still and she's floating away on a cloud of fucking insane fucking bliss and she screams, loud and long and shatters into a million million pieces.

When the room has stopped spinning and she can feel her legs again, she looks up at two smug handsome faces. A wave of love washes over her, loosening something in her chest that she didn't know was tight before.

This is my home, this is my family.  

She can't wait to do this again.

"What time is it?" The words are directed at the vampire, who has an uncanny sense of time.

"About two hours till dawn." He grins with just a hint of fang. "Time enough."

"I love you guys," she says sincerely. "This has been incredible, all of it. But are you trying to fucking kill me?"

Nick grins. "What, we've worn out the Wyldfae?"

Ky bristles at the suggestion. "No, you fucking haven't!" she snaps. "I can take whatever you guys can dish out and come back for more!"

Without hesitation, she shoves Nick down on his back and straddles him - stroking him to hardness within seconds - then impales herself on his dick. The vampire shivers as she envelopes him; then she leads forward and motions to Gareth. "Come on. lover. Fuck my ass while I ride this fat cock."

Gareth is dumbfounded at first, but moves forward. It takes him just a moment to get into position and then he moves forward, sliding deep into his lover's ass.

"Ohfuckohfuckohfuck," she moans. "Oh gods, yes, just like that, it's perfect fuckme!"

The two men begin to move in a rough unison, filling Ky to the hilt with each demanding thrust. She feels full as never before and erotic shocks ripple through her, taking her breath again and again. As soon as she gets used to the rhythm of their thrusting, they change, now moving in counterpoint - Nick filling her pussy as Gareth slides out of her tight ass, then sliding back in as Nick pulls back. It takes her by surprise, but the pleasure doesn't change, only the rhythm of it. "Oh gods. fuck me, lovers, take me, make me cum and cum and cum...." Her ass tightens on a thick cock as the other glides out of her pussy on a sea of wetness. "Gods, fuck me, just fuck me... take me, pull my hair, slap my ass, make me yours...." Now the thrusting changes again, harder, faster, more ruthless. Gareth fists his fingers in her hair, pulls her head back as Nick slaps her ass, driving deep into her clutching cunt... "GodsgodsgodsYES, it's so good so fucking good don't stop don't ever stop.... fuckmefuckmefuckme!" The two cocks pound her hard and fast and deep, splitting her wide, her juices gushing from her pussy. running down her thighs... Nick's face is contorted, close to the edge... Gareth is fucking her ass like he's done it all his life. She's going to be sore as hell tomorrow, and if they offer a rematch, she'll say yes in a heartbeat.

She feels Nick explode in her pussy with a full-throated roar, hot as lava... she's so close, so fucking close... then Gareth shivers and fills her ass with a couple gallons of cum, still driving deep, pumping her ass full of his juices. She screams as the orgasm rips through her, unravels her, spins her down into a web of wave forms and possibilities, then puts her back together. Her heart is pounding like a jackhammer and she’s still cumming, her throat raw from screaming, drenched inside and out... it seems to last for hours or days or years before the pleasure slows and she can take a breath without twitching somewhere.

Gareth eases his cock from her ass and she lifts herself off Nick. They lie down side by side by side, awash in pleasure and passion and love. They need to clean up soon, but right now they don't want to move, just feel....

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