Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ramji and Laila are back on the dance floor, leaving Pandora and Ob alone at their table. The Gargoyle licks slowly along Pandora's neck as she looks around the room. Ike and Monty are back behind the bar, flushed from the encounter that she didn't quite hide from the Kin. Then again, he doubts anyone is paying attention. Afterall, they all are a little... busy.

Mi amor... you like when I am a *bárbaro in the bedroom, si? She shivers and turns her face up for a kiss. He chuckles, the rumble coming from deep, making her shift into his lap. I take that as a si. His tail slides around her ankle, the tip tickling its way upward until she feels the unseen appendage pressing against her panties. She spreads her legs slightly in response. Si... that is mi Mujer. You are my slut, aren't you? Pandora doesn't answer. She doesn't have too. There is a surge of lust mixed with love that infuses his mind. Stroking a large hand along her stomach, he fills her with the image of his tail pressing in, filling her like a second cock as she rolls her hips to grind on his lap. Mi Bruha... no bedroom tonight. Tonight... He thrusts the image of his tail slowly, fucking her mind as he would later fuck her body. He brushes his lips along her ear, switching from private channel to verbal, knowing she would know anyone with good hearing would pick up what he was going to say next.

His words are soft, a mere growl in her ear. "Tonight you are going to find yourself chained to a wall downstairs in a playroom, spread open to my mercies. Trust me, Bruha, my mercies will not be all that tender. I am looking forward to hearing you scream for me."

From his mind she picks the image of herself bound to a wall, clips on her nipples and clit. Ob stands before her in his tribal robes, a soft flanged flogger held loosely in his hand. With a moan Pandora nods as her body shudders through an orgasm from his mental toying.


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