Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ky is totally blown away by what just happened. Over the past couple of months, she's gotten used to making love with Nick and Gareth and Raina - but this is her first threesome with both guys, and so far it's amazing.

Truthfully, when she watched the guys make love - about a year ago - she was underwhelmed. It didn't repulse her, but it didn't turn her on either. But now - now that she's discovered that she loves them both, watching them get it on has made her soooo fucking wet.... And the emotion that welled up in her just now, watching them... it sweeps her away on a tidal wave of love that she never thought herself capable of experiencing.

K'thyri is an instinctive creature, not given to long bouts of introspection. She tends to act on impulse, which has occasionally gotten her into trouble, and - until now, anyway - her relationships have been mostly short-lived and sporadic, more about lust than love. But now, for maybe the first time, she feels a part of something larger than herself, something akin to the camaraderie she experienced being part of the Wyldfae "army", but more inclusive.

 It feels like she's come home.

She wants both of them with a fervor that surprises her. It's not that she never considered a threesome with them before now - she has, many times - but the reality of it far surpasses anything she's ever fantasized. Watching Nick suck Gareth off with such unmistakable love... Sure, passion and lust are a part of it, that was clear, too; she could tell by the looks on their faces, in their eyes - and it was the same look they had when they looked at her, or at Raina. Ky is a good judge of character; she couldn't have survived so long if she wasn't - and what she sees in them is love, pure and simple and potent as hell.

And sexy as hell.

She's always thought of herself as a cynic when it came to love. She's seen way too many times when "I love you" translated to "I want to fuck you" and nothing more. Not that she repudiated the existence of love, exactly - but she always felt that for most people it was a form of self-deception, a way to pretty up some basic needs and drives. She took pride in the fact that she didn't buy into the self-deception... when she was horny, she found someone to fuck, and she enjoyed it, and she moved on without trying to make more of it than a night's fun. But this... this is different. She accepted that awhile ago after she and Nick finally made love; but even now, it surprises her with its intensity. What used to be just sex, just a way to scratch an itch, has become something deeper, more profound... a giving of her whole self, not just her body....

As before, it begins with kisses.

Ky has wondered what it is about Nick... despite the rage she senses within him, he has a way of kissing her that is so gentle that it practically lifts her right out of her body, makes her feel both intensely horny, yet content to wait for the next kiss... and the next... and the next. It's not vampire wiles, it's something more integral to the man himself. It's one of the reasons she now spends at least one night a week with Nick; those kisses are downright addictive - slow and tender, passionate and intense, they make her feel cherished even while they make her heart race.

His lips are cold fire, just the lightest brush at first... then, as if his hunger for her overwhelms him, the kisses become more intense, more demanding. His fingers curl into her hair to pull her tighter, his lips coming down hard on hers, taking her breath. She writhes against him, her skin hot against the coolness of his flesh. His tongue plunders her mouth fiercely, his free hand caressing her nakedness, making her even wetter. She moans into his mouth as he plucks her nipples lightly... She grinds against the thickness of his cock; from the corner of her eye she can see Gareth sitting in an armchair, stroking his cock as he watches them, a half-smile on his face. The sight inflames her further and Nick's lips move to her throat. She holds her breath, dreading yet craving the danger one moment of weakness could bring.

Her knees give way suddenly, only Nick's grip holding her upright. Sensing the change, he slackens his hold and she slowly kisses her way down his body, using her teeth to draw soft cries from him. Nick's not afraid of pain - giving or receiving - so long as it adds up to greater pleasure in the end. She opens her mouth as she comes level with his shaft, taking the head between her wet lips and licking; he stiffens and his fingers curl into her hair again. She sucks slowly, lovingly, taking more and more with each downward thrust. His cock fills her mouth and overflows into her throat; she continues sucking, undeterred. She motions with one hand to where Gareth is watching and she hears the chair creak as he leaves it, moves over to kneel beside her. She places a hand at the back of his neck, bringing him closer... He smiles as he sense her intent and as she pulls away he moves in to capture Nick's hardness. Ky goes lower, to lick and suck Nick's balls. Gareth moves slowly, but with surety, taking Nick deep into his mouth, stroking his tongue along the length of him... moving to take him all in, then backing up with equal slowness till only the head remains between his lips. Ky watches, her fingers busy between her legs, afire with love and lust and she knows not what else.... She aches to have them both. She's had other threesomes with other men, and she's spoken to Raina about her threesomes with Nick and Gareth, and she knows she won't be disappointed; but she doesn't want to rush straight to the end. As Gareth rises, she takes Nick in her mouth again. The vampire stands steady as a rock, but he moans and groans as she works his cock. Her blood is on fire with desire and she wonders why she waited so long to do this. Gareth cups her breasts from behind, pinches and twists her nipples and she moans with Nick deep in her throat. Her juices are running down her thighs now... no, not yet. She wants to taste Nick's cum again, this time with Gareth to share it with her. Seeing her men together has given her a powerful jolt of whatever it is that fuels lust and she's like a thing crazed, wanting to suck and fuck till the dawn puts an end to their play.

Gareth takes the cock that she so reluctantly relinquishes and she watches again, her fingers and nails running over Nick's body, stroking at random. He writhes under her touch and Gareth's mouth and she can sense that it won't be long now. She moves in close, not wanting to miss the moment that he cums, wanting to share all of the intimacy of this moment....

Gareth pulls back, giving her room, and now the two of them lick together at Nick's pulsing shaft. His hands grip their hair, holding them in place, and she feels his whole body tense suddenly, a growl building in his chest... It slams through him suddenly and he roars as he cums. His juices are hot as lava as they spatter her cheek and Gareth's lips; she moves in closer, wanting more and is rewarded with a jet of cum right in her mouth, another dripping down her chin. Gareth moves in again and his face is painted with the last spurts as the vampire finally relaxes; then the elf's mouth is fierce on hers as he kisses her, tasting Nick's cum in her mouth. It races through her veins like lightning and their kisses become hotter, more frenzied, hands groping frantically. Nick joins them and the kissing extends to him, too.

"Will one of you please fuck me?" The cry is torn from her soul.

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