Saturday, December 3, 2011

Inari's mind is busy as she heads to Star and Eriks cabin in the woods. The late afternoon sun is warm and she is in no hurry for this particular 'mission'. She lets her horse take his lead, giving her time to sort through her myriad thoughts. She will be meeting Keon shortly and they will take Robins mother to Stars. From the sounds of it, Robin was hers, but they needed to be certain. Inari would be able to tell by her reaction once she saw the boy, not that it would take one with a lot of perception to tell when a mother first saw her child after thinking he must be dead.

She would have just enough time to do that, make tentative plans with Keon and Erik for the trip to the Grove of Tears and be off on her next mission. The message had said it was urgent but would not be time consuming. Inari didnt dwell on that, it would do no good to try and figure it out. The Queen could not be second guessed and Inari gave up trying a long time ago.

Maybe this mission would take her close to where Torin was. She missed him terribly, some times more than others and this seemed to be one of those times. Their paths didnt cross often enough, but when they did.... Inari grins at her thoughts, remembering the passionate nights they had shared.

Imp flitted by and took a seat on her horses neck, hanging on to the long white mane. Inari's thoughts went back to the previous night at the tavern and Imps arrival with the two injured demifae that he had rescued. Remembering the angry buzzing and Myas high pitched voice made Inari smile sadly. The demifae were fiercely protective of their own, she was almost glad that Ardara had thought them worthless, at least she didnt have any more of them captured. Mya had sent for honey and fresh spring water and room was made in the rafters for the newcomers. She wondered if Mya had brought them to the cabin, since she seemed to be with Star most of the time now.

The demifae had found Inari at the bar, deep in conversation with the youngest gargoyle. After Imp reported to Inari all that he heard Ardara say, Ike was furious, then scared for her sister. She planned to share the information with her brothers and Tannr, waiting to let Tori know until she was stronger. Ike had shared that Rowan planned to visit with Tori since they were all concerned about her not being quite herself since her return.

Watching closely for signs of goblins or Drow, Inari is not surprised to see Keon standing near a shaded bend in the path, a small dark haired fae woman close to him.

“Can ye take her with you? I will double back, make sure none follow and meet you at the cabin.”

Inari nods, and reaches a hand to the woman to help her. “Can you ride with me?”

The woman swallows and smiles, reaches for Inaris hand and swings herself up in the saddle.

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