Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Breaking the passionate kiss she was sharing with Treager, Rowans smile is bright as she says, “The energy is crazy tonight. Its a wonder we dont have a full blown orgy going on in here...”

Traeger grins, and doesnt let go, enjoying the feel of her warm body against his.

Rowan eyes wander throughout the crowd. Couples necking in dark corners and booths, dancing, or rather, trying to dance. Her eyes fall on Jack and Eira and the haunted, almost frightened look on Eiras face.

“Excuse me for a minute? Something seems amiss with Eira...”

Traeger nods. “I'll be here...” and releases his hold around her waist.

Approaching the booth, Rowan pauses and smiles at the couple, although Eira never really looks up. “Eira, whats wrong?” She asks. “You like you have seen a ghost..”

Jack starts to laugh and tries hard to silence himself when Rowan glares at him. “You better sit down for this one Red... grab a drink and maybe that man of yours... this might take awhile..”

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