Wednesday, December 14, 2011

When Raina kisses Alise at the table, Stoney sends to her... Take her upstairs Chaton...its fine...

Are you sure Chiot? I dont want anything to come between us...not even Raina...

*Aaucun il est très bien.... I can see your heart and you see inside mine...this wont change a thing...**Je jure à vous …. nothing will ever come between us again....

Alise nods and taking Rainas hand leads her upstairs to the room her Stoney use when staying at the tavern.

Alise enters the room in front of Raina and goes to the window, pulling open the drapes and letting the moonlight shine in. She turns slowly to face Raina, her eyes dark with passion but hesitant in her movements.

Raina smiles and takes her hand. “Are you sure about this?” She touches Alises face, pushing her hair back over her shoulder, moving slowly, letting her hands linger. “Tell me any time you want me to stop or get uncomfortable with anything we are doing, okay? I wont mind. If you want me to stop and have Stoney take over, thats fine. I can go and we can forget this ever happened. You just have to let me know.”

Alise nods, barely breathing, still unsure just how this will work, but she trusts Raina and knows she wont try to take Stoney away from her or come between them in any way. Raina was probably the only woman she would feel that secure with. She follows Rainas lead and reaches up to her face, looking into her green eyes

Raina moves to a large overstuffed chair and pulls Alise down in her lap. Her hand slides over a soft cheek and slips to Alises neck. “You're so beautiful, so desirable...”

Raina kisses Alises neck, softly, slowly, holding her own desire in tight rein, not wanting to scare Alise, her tongue trails lower, teasing just below the collarbone and Alises breath quickens.

Undoing the tiny buttons on Alises shirt, Raina touches the skin underneath as she goes. “You feel so soft..” Raina slips the shirt off Alises shoulders, her hands caressing her back. She makes fast work of unhooking the fancy lace bra, then slowly slides each strap down watching Alises reaction. She smiles at the gooseflesh and the want making her eyes darken. Alise gasps when Raina pulls her bra off and her breasts are free of the fabric. The nipples tighten and harden as Raina cups them gently. Softly pinching and tugging bring a moan and a few words in French.

Raina leans forward, taking a firm nipple in her mouth and gently starts sucking. She hears Alise moan louder and feels her hands digging hard into her shoulders. “Tell Stoney to come in here. Let him watch. You are beautiful half naked like this, and so fucking hot, it will drive him crazy watching you.”

“I think you are beautiful.” Alise runs her hands up and down Rainas arms. “I think he wants to watch. Is that all right? You wont mind?”

“Mind? No, I dont mind at all. He can sit on the bed and watch close up if he wants. As long as it turns him on and turns you on, thats all I care about.”

Alise laughs, “Stop your teasing”, but Stoney enters the room almost silently and sits at the very end of the bed.

“So you did tell him... thats almost creepy the way you guys do that.”

Raina pulls Alise to her, and starts to kiss her. Slowly at first, letting the passion build and letting Alise get used to a womans lips on her own. Raina is surprised when after only a moments hesitation Alise returns the kiss with equal passion. Alises breasts are small, but firm and full and Raina is driving her crazy, squeezing and touching them.

Alise sighs, “Can I make you feel like that?”

Raina smiles, “Oh yes, if you want to. Lets move to the bed, so we have more room.”

They both stand and Raina pulls off her tank top then slips off her tight pants. Alise drops the shirt and slowly unzips her skirt, teasing Raina and Stoney. Leaving her g-string on she takes Rainas hand and leads her to the bed where she sits on the edge.

Raina kneels in front of her, spreading Alises legs and pulling her close. Running her hands up and down her back, she notices the the scars. While you could barely see them Raina could feel the ridges and she mentally curses Jean Marc for the thousandth time, hoping he was rotting in the depths of Hel. She pulls back, taking Alises face in her hands, “Still okay with this?” and Alise nods, “Yes” and reaches for Rainas breasts. She moans quietly, face buried in Alises neck, her nipples instantly hard at the soft, tentative touch.

Raina slips her hands down Alises back, stroking her ass before she pulls off the g-string. She pushes Alise back and still kneeling on the floor slowly spreads her legs even further, her hands stroking the insides of her thighs. Alise rests on her elbows watching Raina and over Rainas shoulder, Stoney, half hidden in the shadows. Watches until Rainas tongue comes in contact with the tender skin of her clit, then her head rolls back as she moans and her legs start to tremble.

Forcing herself to take things slow Raina licks gently then sucks the hard nub until Alise starts thrusting her hips against Rainas face. Raina returns to kissing the insides of her thighs and lets a finger move over the hard swollen clit, slippery from the juices dripping from Alise. Letting her finger slip lower she pushes into the hot tight channel and Alise bucks and moans, her body begging for release. Raina slowly fucks her with a finger, then two, stroking slowly, then a bit faster, letting the waves of passion build. She stops when she senses Alise is close and stands. “Move up a little....” and Alise moves her body further up on the bed, making room for Raina. Still between Alises legs, Raina smiles wickedly and whispers, “Now your husband will have something to see...”

Stoney is still at the foot of the bed, struggling with his own rising desire. The sight of his wife spread naked before another woman is something he had never expected to actually see. Alises body was soft and golden, like the world at the very edge of sunrise, while Rainas was a warriors body, scarred, tattooed and strong yet lush and sensuous. He swallowed hard when Raina knelt and bent between Alises legs, her ass in the air giving him a clear shot of her ass and pussy, smooth shaved and dripping wet. Her hand had slipped between Alises legs again, her fingers shoving and stroking inside his wife. Raina had purposely positioned herself so that Stoney could see everything, his wife and her completely open and exposed to his gaze. He had to move in his seat, but there was no comfortable way to sit in his condition, his hard throbbing dick ready to burst just from watching the scene played out in front of him.

Alise could no longer watch Stoney. She leaned back and gave herself up to the sensations Raina was causing in her body. She couldnt help but thrust back against Rainas hand, it was as if her body had a will of its own. She reached down and ran her hands over Rainas breasts, marveling at the feel of the nipples in her hands. She tweaked them like Raina had done to her and was rewarded with a moan. She tried to sit up, but Raina pushed her gently back down. Her fingers started to work faster moving over that spot inside that gave so much pleasure. Alise was moaning, then without moving her hand or slowing down Raina lowered her face between the spread legs and took Alises clit in her mouth, teasing at first with her tongue, then sucking then blowing until Alise was begging, in a mix of French and English, to cum. “Please Raina... please...” and her legs splayed as far as they possibly could.

Moving her fingers and mouth together, matching each stroke to her sucking, Raina has Alise on the verge of exploding. When Stoney sends to her, Chaton..I can see how close you are, so wet.... how wet Raina is, she is dripping with what she is doing to you....Let go chaton...let go and cum for me...I want to see you explode....its all she can take and Alise submits totally to the feelings overtaking her and she cums violently, her orgasm rocking her and leaving her trembling. Another flood hits her before Raina stops. Leaving both women breathless.

Raina smiles and laughs softly, a husky sound that Stoney has never heard from her before. “How was that?”

Alise brings herself up on an elbow and grabs Raina, kissing her fiercely, tasting herself on Rainas lips and tongue.

Breaking the kiss she smiles, “So good, I dont know what to say...”

*No, it is fine

**I swear to you

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