Wednesday, December 14, 2011

One hot shower later....

Something has Ky really revved up tonight - not that I'm complaining, mind you. She goes ballistic - sexually speaking - every time Gareth and I get it on. I don't understand why, but this seems like a real bad time to be analyzing things. Later, maybe, when things calm down....

For now we're all slumped in a pile, trading long lazy kisses, basking in the warmth of our shared passions... There will be more erotic play, but there doesn't seem to be any rush to begin... or perhaps it's more accurate to say that it's equally as important to just feel what we feel, that the sex is kind of empty without the warmth of spirit that suffuses us now. No words are spoken; none are necessary. Each look that passes between us, each lingering caress and kiss speaks volumes.

Right now Gareth is on my right, K'thyri on my left. They both seem to enjoy snuggling with me after we get hot and sweaty. Come to that, so does Raina. It probably has something to do with my extra-low body temperature - they can dump heat really fast if their skin is touching mine and I'll never get warmer than room temperature.

Kisses go deeper, caresses linger longer. Ky and Gareth take turns sucking my cock, slow, teasing licks - not foreplay so much as pleasure for the sake of pleasure. Usually when someone says that they like giving pleasure better than getting pleasure, they're full of shit; but our foursome is rapidly approaching that point where giving pleasure is equally as important as getting pleasure, and the reason is as simple as it's trite.

We love each other. Giving each other pleasure is a way to express that love. It's far from the only way, but it just happens that this is something we're really good at - and no, we're not modest about it, in any sense of the word.

Ky watches, eyes shining, when I start licking Gareth's balls. His fingers tighten in my hair, but I refuse to be hurried. Only when his balls are thoroughly wet do I turn my attention to his cock, licking it slowly and thoroughly, then taking him fully into my mouth, down my throat. He begins to thrust and I let him find his own rhythm, content to let him fuck my mouth at his own pace.

Meanwhile, Ky has moved to lie with her head between my legs. She engulfs my cock in her warm mouth, sucking lovingly; her fingers move between her legs and she strokes her pussy and clit with slow, lazy caresses. I groan with Gareth's thick shaft deep in my throat, his balls up against my lips and then Ky eases a finger into my ass. She rotates it carefully, stretching me, her mouth never missing a beat; then she adds another finger. My eyes close involuntarily, focusing on the intimate impalement, but I never stop pleasuring Gareth.

The elf is groaning loudly, his hips jerking, fucking my mouth as I fuck K'thyri's. Then the positions change again; Gareth lies down on his side so he can lick Ky's pussy. She continues to stroke her clit while simultaneously finger-fucking my ass and sucking my cock; and I shift position to take Gareth in my mouth again.

For perhaps ten minutes all is quiet save the muted cries of passion. Then Ky pulls away from my cock - "On your knees, Nick." I assume the position and Ky waves Gareth over. I smile as I feel the head of his cock against my ass. Ky moves in front of me and goes to her knees. Her arms encircle me, her hard little nipples pricking my chest. She nods once and kisses me fiercely as Gareth surges forward, shoving his cock deep. My tongue is busy with Ky's as Gareth fucks me and Ky's fingers are busy in her pussy as she watches, her eyes fever-bright. "Gods, that's so fucking sexy... Raina said it would be, but she didn't say how sexy. Gods... feel how wet I am." She guides my fingers to her pussy and I probe... She's soaked. I finger her, kiss her deeply as Gareth splits my ass wide and fucks me hard. My cock is hard as stone against her soft belly and her mouth is soft and warm and wet, promising more and greater pleasure to come. Her eyes are alight with love as I lean down to take a nipple between my teeth. I lick it till she sighs, then pull back, tugging at the sensitive flesh... She gasps and then whimpers as pleasure begins to cross the border into discomfort and then pain; but she never tells me to stop. Suddenly a soft cry comes from her throat and I stop tugging, licking tenderly now. Gareth is fully inside me, driving deep, hard, intent on his pleasure. I take the other nipple between my teeth and give it the same treatment. Ky finger-fucks her dripping pussy, clearly getting off on the rough treatment as well as on watching Gareth fuck my ass. Her fingers curl around my cock, jerking it slowly. Her fingers move faster, more vigorously as she approaches her pleasure/pain threshold, plunging deep into her clutching pussy. She yelps again, unable to remain silent any longer, then screams and cums hard, three fingers shoved deep in her saturated pussy. I lap at her nipple, keeping the orgasm going; then Gareth yells and fills my ass with his scalding cum.

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