Friday, December 30, 2011

Tannr pulls Tori outside during a quiet moment. Laila had taken the children upstairs to get ready for bed with the promise of Tannr telling them a story if they were good..

He pulls Tori into his arms, holding her close as the snow drifts down lazily from big puffy clouds. He lets his love flow over and around Tori and feels her deep contentment.

“I am sorry about asking you here. I meant to wait until later when we were alone... but I had the ring in my pocket... and well... I just couldnt wait any longer..”

Tori looks up at Tannr and grins. “It was fine, perfect, in fact. I will remember those words the rest of my life... I love you Tannr..”

“And I you... more than I know how to tell you...”

Raina opens the door a crack and pokes her head out. “The kids are ready for their story if you are...”

Grinning Tannr takes Toris hand and leads her into the house.

“You go on up. I want to talk to Chiara about these exquisite scarfs she weaves...” Tori sees the woman sitting next to Star holding Ru.

With a quick kiss on her forehead Tannr heads up the stairs.

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