Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Stoney braces himself on trembling arms. The women collapse beneath him, and he stifles a groan. Alise slides down his length, but not far enough for him to slip out. His back bows and he pants slowly. Feeling his renewed arousal, Alise pushes back. He pushes in and she whimpers.

Raina's eyes widen. "Already?"

Alise nods, groaning softly. "Still... he is Gargoyle. They don't satisfy quickly."

Raina looks past Alise's shoulder. Stoney stares at her, the expression in his dark eyes something she has never seen before. She licks her lip and Stoney's gaze follows the tip of her tongue . She shudders and Alise whimpers again.

"What's it like?" Her gaze never leaves Stoney's face, but Alise knows she is asking her, "What's it feel like to be filled by a cock that big?"

Alise groans as Stoney pushes deeper very slowly. "Almost too much. But worth every," Stoney shoves hard, taking her breath away. "Chiii-ot... slowly, slowly. I'm still sensitive."

The Gargoyle grins at Raina sending to his wife. Are you really? Alise lets him feel his thickness stretching her almost painfully. Your fingers would be better.

The Gargoyle licks her shoulder playfully, watching Raina."Mon Chaton, if I am too much right now, perhaps my tongue would better?"

"OOOhhhhhh yeesss..." She picks up the image from Stoney's mind and nearly cums around him  again. Stoney slides out slowly, stroking over her back and hips. There is an audible pop as his cock leaves the tight grip of her gripping cunt. He moans and rolls onto his back. Alise grins at Raina and straddles her husband's face, bracing her hands on his leanly muscled chest.

His large hands slide up her thighs, bringing her dripping slit to his mouth. Alise arcs her back, rocking her hips as his tongue laps and teases, cleaning her of combination of their tastes. Raina edges closer to watch him in action. Alise lifts up slightly, letting Raina see him thrust his tongue to scoop up her renewing juices. Raina slides her hand between her own thighs to pinch and tug at her aching clit.

"Raina..." Alise's words are punctuated by panting breaths. "Touch him... play all you want... Mon Dieu!" She archs back, gripping her own breasts, tugging at her nipples. "Raina... Come up here and kiss me."

The Viking straddles Stoney's hips, grinding her wetness along the thick length pulsing between her thighs. Bending her dark head, Raina licks gently, nudging away Alise's hands to take control. The blonde sinks her hands in the dark strands of Raina's hair, tugging in delight.

The drag of Stoney's hard cock has Raina whimpering and Alise moans as Stoney groans into her cunt. "You are driving him crazy Raina. If you want to ride him, do it. I know you are dying to find out how it feels."

Raina's head comes up slowly and she searches Alise's face. "Are you sure?" Alise cups her face and kisses her deeply. "I don't want anything to be a problem between us... and if this is because of the energy..."

Alise kisses her again. "Non, I want to share with you... share it all. Chiot assures me that all the magic does is loosen inhibitions, that we are doing this because we really want it. I have wanted you for sometime. Stoney and I have discussed this. It is a fantasy come true for me. For me and Chiot."

Raina moans and reaches between her legs to grip Stoney's cock. She feels it jump at her touch and moans in spite of herself. Levering herself up, she rubs the tip along her slit until she gets it positioned at her opening. She feels Stoney stiffen as he stills for her to work herself open.

Her head falls back, eyes glazing in pleasure as just the head stretches her further than she has ever been stretched before. She rolls her hips, licking her lips at the sensations. Alise begins to pluck at Raina's prominent nipples, pinching hard to get her attention. Alise smiles at her friend's dazed expression. "I want to see you ride him. Fuck yourself with my husband's cock, Raina."

The unexpected crudity falling from Alise's innocent lips causes Raina to writhe. She takes another inch of massive cock and moans. Alise leans forward and licks along Raina's ear. Her words echo softly as her fingers find, and scrape over, her friend's clit.

"Take him Raina. If I can take all of him, so can you."

Leaning down, Alise grips Raina's thighs and pushes as she bites one of Raina's tits. The slight change in position and surprise is all it takes for Raina to lose her balance and slam down, taking the monster cock to the hilt. She screams, half in pleasure, half in shock as the head hits her cervix. The shock doesn't last long and Raina begins to rock, grinding her clit hard against Stoney's wiry curls.

Alise cups her face and kisses gently, deepening the kiss. When both can breathe, she asks, "Good, isn't it?"

Raina nods, "Fuck yeeesssssssssss."

The women begin to knead and abuse each others breasts as they grind on the Gargoyle below them. Stoney moans and steps up his attention to his wife; as her friend rides him hard. he bucks in response, driving himself as deep as Raina can take him. It isn't long before both pussies begin to spasm, sucking at his tongue and cock. Stoney feeds the sensations of Raina's strong muscles milking his cock to Alise. She writhes under the combination of physical and mental stimulation. Her fingernails scrape over Raina's body.

The Viking writhes and suddenly stiffens, She arcs back screaming as her cunt muscles clamp tight. Stoney groans as he balls tighten and suddenly explode in the tight grip. He nips at Alise's clit. The hard scrape of his teeth trigger her own orgasm and she humps his mouth, drenching him in her honey.

Alise slowly rises off Stoney's mouth, settling on the bed next to him to watch Raina. The other woman is still spasming around Stoney, and trying to slowly slide off him. He groans at the loss of her grip, but his cock lies limply along his thigh. Raina touches it gently, noting a stir of life. It has shrunk slightly, but not much. She shakes her head at the couple and stretches her hand Stoney's manhood. Her gaze travels up Stoney's body, admiring the lean compact muscles. His cock jumps under her hand and she looks at Alise. The blonde grins.

"Give him about fifteen minutes and Chiot will be ready again." Stoney grins, leaning back on the pillows and closes his eyes. Raina grins at Alise and rises to her hands and knees. She crawls up the bed, a near perfect imitation of Panther stalking. "I think I know a wonderful way to pass the time..."

Alise smiles brightly and spreads her legs in anticipation.

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