Wednesday, December 14, 2011

It takes a while to get the kids settled and ready for bed, but with Chiara's help, we manage. We say our goodnights and we're off to bed.

...but not yet to sleep.

I grab the first shower and then kick back in bed while Star makes use of it. We really need a bigger place... or at least a bigger shower.

Star comes back wrapped in a towel. By some mysterious legerdemain known only to women, she's managed to turn it into a fully serviceable garment. She comes to the bed and sits down, scooting back to rest her back against my chest, her head leaning back against my shoulder. I lean in to kiss her and I feel the tension leaving her as she sighs, stretching... the towel takes the opportunity to come apart and I hitch in a breath. She smiles and opens the towel all the way. I let my eyes glide over her supple curves and stroke the tips of my fingers lightly down her neck and back. It's not really a massage, but I can feel the tension leaving her. She turns slightly and her mouth searches mine. I draw the back of my hand along the line of her throat and she takes my hand, places it on her breast. I stroke my fingers around her nipple, circling, teasing it to hardness... I take it between finger and thumb and tug gently but insistently and she moans into my mouth.

"I love you." I'm not sure she understands the words, but she can feel the intent. Her hand drops to my lap, stroking circles around my cock, tugging... I sigh and the kisses deepen, still slow and tender, but infused with passion as well as love.

Her eyes are shining when she comes up for air. "I want you," she says softly. "Make love to me, Erik...."

I let my fingers move between her legs, stroking lovingly... She sighs and moans and her lips meet mine again. She's thoroughly wet, her lips spread wide as I finger her, slow but deep, spreading my fingers within her to glide across her g-spot, lingering there, teasing.... Her tongue wraps around mine, tugging and sucking. I cup a breast and squeeze, teasing the stiffened nipple. She strokes along the length of my cock with just the tips of her fingers and I groan. My lips move to her throat, kissing and licking as she strokes me... I take her throat between my teeth and bite, ever so gently... she gasps and her fingers grip me convulsively.

"Take me now, Erik... don't make me wait...." She leans back against the headboard and opens her legs....

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