Friday, December 30, 2011

Later that night after all good byes were said and the children sound asleep, Alise, Laila and Chiara were cleaning up. Stoney and Ramji were putting away the extra chairs smiling at the camaraderie in the kitchen.

Mon ami, I think they could rule the world... and without us...”

Ramji grins and pulls a flask out of his vest. “Then we need to have a drink I think..” and he pours two shots of Souma.

It was after midnight when Ramji and Laila went up and Chiara shortly after that. Alise was enjoying her company immensely and was glad they had invited her and Ryan through New Years. She had seen Star and her speaking intently and Alise wondered if it was about teaching. She made a mental note to try and bring it up tomorrow. Right now she was exhausted and longed to lay down.

Suddenly Stoney came up behind and lifting her hair he quickly fastened a necklace around her neck. Alises hand went up automatically and she gasped at the size of the stones. Looking in the mirror she sees a strand of amethysts, the purple stones nearly matching her eyes.

“Chiot, it is too much...”

“ deserve much more. But I do want to see you naked. Wearing just this strand...and if you are too tired tonight I understand, but then tomorrow...” Stoney lowers his head to his wifes bare neck and kisses lightly causing a slight shiver.

Alise turns and throws her arms around Stoneys neck. “Now... not tomorrow... now...” she whispers.

With a grin Stoney lifts her and carries her into their bedroom...

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