Saturday, December 10, 2011

I watch Star as she get the kids settled for the night. The boys begged for a sleepover before Ryan went home and the girls wanted to stay too. Keon offered to have the Hellhounds guard the cabin through the night so Alise and Stoney agreed, excited about spending a child-free night together.

It really is too bad she cant have more children.... My thoughts go back to Ru's birth, almost a year ago. I watch as she lifts Gracie, the shared hugs, the whispers. Some secret those two have been sharing... I wonder what.... I smile. Eh... she'll slip up, sooner or later....

Inari didn't stay long, just long enough to eat and make some tentative plans for the trip to the Grove. Keon, Raina, Ky, Gareth, myself - maybe a few others - are scheduled to go. Tannr and Tori agreed to stay at the cabin and watch over the place - and Stars animals. I'm not sure we can make Lobo stay; damn little shit will probably just follow us....

I feel a familiar hand on my shoulder. Keon. I turn to see my brother, a sad smile on his face. “You are a lucky man, brother. I envy you...”

"Yeah, brother, that I am...."

I know how Keon felt about Cassie, how he still feels, and how much he misses her. Damn Morgan, may the bitch rot in the coldest part of Niflheim till the Nine Worlds fall.... “The thing that amazes me about Star is how she manages to make what she wants and loves from what she has. She has managed to surround herself with children anyway....”

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