Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Since the wave of passion that flooded anyone able to sense it, the energy in the Tavern had changed. Even the band's music choices had become less fast tempo and more sexually charged. Behind the bar Monty and Patti were busy. Ike slips past Patti to grab something for a patron who was leaving. As she leans down to open the storage box under the bar, her eyes stray to Monty's tight jeans.

There is no mistaking the bulge pressing on his zipper. She knows that no one can see her, not in this position. She grins wickedly and slides a hand up his thigh. She feels the muscles beneath her hand still, all the while his hands keep serving drinks. On the pretense of reaching something, the Marmur bends his knees, and her hand slides even higher. Monty looks down at her, eyes glowing with lust. He grins at Ike and stands back up, suppressing a shudder. Her fingers slip off him and he glances at her again. Ike can see the regret that flickers across his expression. Pulling the staff from the endless storage box, Ike hands it to a waiting Fae.
Before she can turn back around, Monty is behind her. His breath tickles her ear as he whispers. "Alley?" She nods. "Now."

The blonde Gargoyle says nothing. Moments later she is slipping through the kitchen door. It has barely swung shut behind her when it is shoved open. Arms slide around her waist, pulling her backwards against a hard body, and an even harder erection. Ike moans as Monty breathes words in her ear. "I can't wait. I want you here and now."

His hands stroke along her belly before opening her jeans and dipping inside. Ike rolls her hips as Monty's fingers press between her legs, stroking her slick channel. Her breathe comes in short pants and Monty kisses the side of her neck. Ike pushes at her jeans, managing to shove them off her hips. Monty pushes deeper, stroking his fingers in and out until she begs him to stop.

"Jeans... please Monty... fuck me now. Here against the wall."

She leans against the wall, watching as her lover opens his jeans. She licks her lower lip as sehe watches. Monty grins and strokes himself, feeling his cock harden even more under her intent gaze. Ike kicks off her shoes and wriggles her jeans lower until she can push them off with her feet. Her fingers dip into her own arousal and she licks them clean. Monty licks his lips.

"Do that again."

Ike reaches down again, bringing the wet digits to her lips. Monty reaches out, gripping her wrist and bringing them to his own. He sucks them into his mouth, tongue lapping seductively. Ike groans and Monty pushes her back against the wall, lifting her leg over his hip. He pushes forward, rubbing his hardness against her slit. The head of his cock hits her clit, making her writhe. Her hands sink into his hair, pulling his mouth to hers.The kiss is nothing if not electric, pulling groans from both of them.

Bracing himself with one hand, Monty grips his shaft and rubs the head of his cock up and down her slit. Ike rolls her hips, whimpering. Monty groans, feeling for her entrance. Pressing harder, Monty works himself just inside. Ike breaks the kiss, panting heavily. "Ike. look at me."

She opens her eyes, blinking. Once she is looking into his eyes Monty thrusts hard, rocking her back against the wall. Ike bucks hard, slamming into him. He grunts and shoves into her again and again until he feels her stiffen. Monty shudders as she suddenly slams hard, pulling him deep. His balls tighten and he slams her against the wall. The gripping of her cuntal walls begin to milk him, making the throbbing of his cock nearly unbearable. With a roar, Monty arches, grinding his hips as he buries himself as deeply as possible. He explodes, over and over, as Ike writhes in her own orgasm.

Moments pass and the couple leans weakly against the wall. Ike reaches up, stroking Monty's cheek. "Damn..."

Monty grins and runs a hand over Ike's hip. "Couldn't wait..."

Ike grins and slides her hand into his sweat soaked hair. "I'm glad."

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