Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ryan pulls his mother down on the bed and the children attack, laughing and screeching with happiness. When the giggles subside, Chiara teaches them how Ryan says good night using his hands. They all repeat the gestures solemnly as if they were learning a very valuable lesson. And little did anyone know at the time that it would be a valuable lesson for those that someday would be warriors. Chiara smiles and teaches them a few more words before they all settle in. Tomas and Ryan had made a fort with blankets and were sleeping on beds of more blankets on the floor. The girls were all crowded in Keons bed, since there was more room than in Meras day bed. Mya flitted around and kissed each one on the forehead, then Star turned out the lights, leaving one dimmed in case anyone got up in the night.

Mya flits to the living room, Star and Chiara following. She heads up to the large potted plant placed between the fireplace and a large window. Mya had brought the refugees to the cabin to recuperate and reunite with their families. Tomorrow she and Imp would escort them to the fairy tree then Imp would rejoin Inari on her mission.

Star and Chiara join the men in the kitchen. Erik hands the pair steaming mugs of chocolate, one of Stars favorites. The women sit in front of the fireplace visiting and getting to know each other. Ever since Alise had mentioned the children needing a teacher and seeing how comfortable Chiara was with the children a plan had been forming in Stars mind. Chiara had thought Meras skin beautiful and admired her soft webbings, she didnt seem to mind the 'otherness' of the children or the fact they were all of mixed parentage, she just accepted them all as they were. She had mentioned she had been giving Ryan his lessons before he was taken.

Conversation was easy and enjoyable. Talk turned to finding a proper willow sapling for Ghaunts grave and Yule logs for the cabin, the tavern and Alise and Stoneys place, Star wondering if Tori had a fireplace. When Chiara mentioned they had no family, Star invited her to Yule, knowing Alise would agree wholeheartedly, and they could work out the details later.

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