Saturday, December 3, 2011

Eira shakes her head, “No, I am not a medium. I dont see dead people. I read the Runes... that doesnt make me a medium...”

“I know, but theres no other way you could have seen her...” Jack tries to explain.

Standing slowly Eira says “I think I should go... its getting late. ..”

Jack stands, “Let me at least walk you home..”

Shaking her head Eira replies, “No, its fine. I walk alone all the time. Thanks anyway...” and she hurries out of the cafe and out into the night.

Jack sits slowly and sighs. He finishes his coffee and heads home, to the cemetery. Annoyed with himself he thinks, Way to go Jack. Never did know when to shut up... The girl will probably never speak to you again....

Eira slows down as she gets close to her place, only a block or so from where she works. Is he crazy? Or just trying to scare me for some reason? Or is it some new way of trying to pick up a girl? Weird, whatever it is....

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