Saturday, December 10, 2011

Star steps out onto the porch right in time to see Wish tumble off the rail and she smiles at her. Her gaze then moves to the horses and riders standing just on the other side of the clearing. She smiles and heads across the yard.

Inari turns her head to Chiara, “This is the woman who rescued your son from Underdark and has cared for him since.”

Chiara nods and slips off the horses back, followed by Inari.

When Star is face to face with the group her natural shyness starts to take over and her voice is hushed. She looks first to Inari, 'Is this her?” and Inari nods.

'Star, this is Chiara...” Inari takes a step to one side so that the two women can see each clearly. “Chiara, this is Lady Star...”

Chiara gasps when she sees Stars eyes change color and falls to her knees. “Lady of the Stars and Moons, the mother of the Warrior...”

Taken aback at first and then trying to supp ress her giggles, Star squats down and takes Chiaras hands. “You dont have to kneel. I'm a mother, just like you. Would you like to see your son?”

Star gently helps Chiara to her feet as the woman nods, “Yes, yes, I have missed him so much. He has been almost a year now...” Her eyes go wide at the sight of Wolf and Lobo, coming to see what Star was doing. The happy sounds from the children are carried to the group on the breeze.

“Wolf... go get the boys... go get them....” Star gives Wolf a push and the animal trots off. Lobo sits at Stars feet, tongue hanging out, enjoying the ear rubbing she was getting.

Soon they hear the sounds of two boys, squealing and laughing at being dragged, then pushed, then dragged again, Wolf determined to do Stars bidding.

Inari watches Chiara closely. Suddenly the fae womans eyes fill with tears yet her smile is bright as the sun. “Its him, its Ryan...” She starts to run across the clearing and Tomas and Robin look up from their game with Wolf. Ryan jumps up and mouths 'mama' before he is off like a shot. He barrels into Chiara, knocking her flat. Star has to wipe her eyes and the rest of the group is smiling, the small families joy at being reunited infectious.

Turning to Keon, Inari grins, “I dont think there's any doubt about these two...” She lays a hand on Stars shoulder, “You have made two people incredibly happy...”

Star turns tear stained cheeks to Inari, “But look at Tomas... he is so confused. Not sure if he should be happy for his friend or sad at losing him.”

Star walks over to Tomas and kneels in the grass in front of him. Looking over his shoulder she sees Stoney, on his way to see why his son has suddenly gone so still. Star wraps her arms around the little boy and kisses the soft golden curls so much like Alises.

“I promise I will speak to her about visiting... We cant keep him here away from his mother. You would not want to be apart from your family would you?”

Tomas looks at Star then to Stoney who has just joined them. “No, Tante Star. I love maman. She would be sad if I were gone..”

Star stands and Stoney lifts his son in his arms. “Maman will be proud of you, as I am Tomas.”

Tomas sends to his father, I will miss him Papan...

I know my son, I know...

Standing, still laughing and crying, Chiara goes to Star. “Milady, I dont know how to thank you or to repay you for finding him and caring for him. He tells me you have been like a mother to him, you and this little ones mother...”

He says this is his brother now...” Chiaras voice chokes, “You have no idea... he has been cruelly teased since he lost his voice, for him to have a friend..”

Ever sensitive to others sadness, Star wraps her arms around Chiara. The whispered conversation was for their ears alone. Wiping their tears the two woman smile and Robin, now Ryan, tugs on his mothers dress and points to Tomas, using unfamiliar gestures. Chiara smiles, “He tells me you are his brother, his best friend.” Chiara holds her hand out and Tomas takes it, proud to be treated like an adult. “I am pleased to meet you Tomas and happy to find my son has such a fine friend.”

Tomas blushes and stammers a “Merci” before Alise joins the group and rescues him.

Introductions are made all around and Star invites the family and Inaris group to supper. She hooks arms with Chirara as they head towards the cabin and Chiara whispers, “I dont eat meat, I hope that wont be a problem or offend you.”

Grinning Star replies, “I dont either... so its fine...”

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