Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pandora watched Traeger's face as he talked, and she knew there was more to this trip than he revealed. "Dad, you are not telling me all of it... why now??"

Traeger grinned sheepishly and said to her... "I could never hide anything from your mother either... I am at an impasse with Rowan, I have deep feelings for her; but I also know she can't or won't change what she has dedicated her life to... she can't be the woman I need. I fear I've hurt her..."

He looked in his daughter's eyes... "I watch the love you share with Ob; I used to think that was dead to me now; but as time passes I have realized I am meant to live,to grow... thats why the gods chose to have me survive.

I have a purpose in the scheme of things...I'm going out to find it; and this trip is the first step. The distance will help me to resolve what I feel for Rowan, to cherish it... and put it aside... we will always be close; but I need someone to share my life."

Pandora felt tears slip down her cheeks as she watched the silent tears that welled in her fathers eyes; he tried to be so strong in front of her, his little girl... but she realized he was lonely... and looking back, she could see how hard some of these ordeals must have been with no one to share them.

"I love you dad, you're right; the Lord and lady have a plan for you... and now is as good a time as any to start your quest." Pandora hugged him tight and told him to stop by Stoney and Alise's cottage to see the children before he left; and watched him walk away... sadness dragging at his heart.

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