Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tannr watches as Rowan injects the medicine into a port on the IV line. She as efficient as ever, but her smile seems forced and something seems different about her. He exchanges a look with Tori.

Red, whats wrong with her? She seems different...or is it just me? 

No, I can feel it too... 

Rowan checked his dressings and hung a new bag of fluids. She asked what he had to eat and said she would stop by the kitchen and get him something more substantial than broth and jello.

“Thank the Gods...all of them.... I dont think I like jello anymore...”

Rowan smiles. “Okay, just dont overdo it at first. If you guys dont mind, I am going to go home for the evening. I need to check on a few things. If you need anything just send word to Mortuis. He said he would cover for me tonight. And you have my cell if you absolutely need me to come back...”

“I wont. Get some rest. You have been here for us this whole time, take some time for yourself.” Tannrs voice starts to slur, the pain medication making him tired.

“Thank you. I will be back first thing in the morning..”

After Rowan leaves the room, Raina moves closer to Tori. “Its Traeger. I caught her crying in the kitchen earlier today. I guess he is going to travel, to put some distance between them. Apparently he decided he needed more from a partner than what Rowan can give...”

“Wow... I bet no one saw that coming...” Tori was shocked at the news.

Raina nods. “Least of all her. I felt really bad for her. Its hard to know what to say...”

Tannr moves a bit and opens his eyes. “The man is crazy..” and drifts off again.

Raina laughs softly. “I'll go get your supper. Then I might go home for a bit too and be back later tonight. Make sure Ky hasnt turned the house into a pleasure palace while I've been gone..”

“You mean it isnt already?” Tori asks, feigning innocence.

Her lips twist into a wicked grin as she sends an image into Tannr's drowsing mind. He bites back a groan so his sister doesn't think he is in pain “Yeah, it kinda is already, but left to her own devices you never know what she'll come up with...” Raina laughs and heads for the door.

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