Thursday, August 30, 2012

Rowan couldnt remember a lot of the conversation at the restaurant, just that they had laughed a lot and she couldnt remember having so much fun on a date.

After a shared plate of spaghetti and several glasses of red wine, Marc suggests a walk in the park, just a couple blocks away from the restaurant.

The night was warm and the park quiet in the evening air. The pair wander aimlessly for a time, talking and enjoying each others company. Taking a seat near a an old fashioned street lamp, Rowan asks Marc how he came to join the Ravens.

“Well... its kind of a long story. Let me see if I can give you the quick and dirty version. I was at a picnic, 4th of July I think it was, playing some horse shoes, minding my own business and suddenly theres this Unseelie troop in front of me. Not sure where they took a wrong turn, Albuquerque maybe, but they thought I was trespassing on territory claimed by the Fae. Before I knew it I was being dragged by a burly troll into the Sidhe realm, but I still had a horse shoe in my I let it fly, beaned the troll, cracked his skull. Cold iron, you see...”

Rowan has to stifle the giggles, not sure if he is telling her the truth or not. “Really? Or are you kidding...?”

“No. .. I swear its true. Just ask Tannr. Anyway, I realized I couldnt get back and I had no idea where I was or how to get back. I started wandering, dodging Unseelie patrols and eventually made my way near the Unformed Plane. I had lost all track of time and was almost dead by the time the Ravens found me. The commander at the time assigned Tannr to teach me everything he knew about fighting and after awhile I never even thought to come back to this realm. I guess until now, I never had much of a reason to... Anyway, thats how I met Tannr and the Ravens.”

“You have had such an interesting life. Mine is pretty boring by comparison.”

“It cant be boring with all that you do. How did you get here?” Marc puts an arm around her shoulders and pulls her closer.

Rowan tries to tell him everything that she does then starts to laugh. “You know, maybe I am over-extending myself. I am exhausted just trying to tell you everything...”

“So you really are a priestess?” Marc asks, a bit of awe in his voice.

“Yes. But dont worry, we dont sacrifice babies or fly around on brooms...” Rowan says with a twinkle in her eye.

“I didnt say that...or think it even. Were you raised pagan?” Marc asks.

Rowan nods and tells Marc about her parents, her schooling, both traditional and non-traditional. “I spent some years in Ireland before I came here. I didnt intend to stay, thing led to another and this is where I ended up.”

Their conversation flowed and even when there was periods of silence the pair was comfortable and content in each others company.

Marc leans close and captures Rowans lips in his own, thinking how soft and sweet her lips are. When they part, Rowan is smiling, her eyes sparkle, and she leans into Marc.

“Can we do this again? We can take leave for awhile. The men havent had a break in months...” Marcs words trail off as Rowan lifts her head and looks him in the eye.

“Are you sure about this? About seeing me?”

Running a hand over her cheek Marc smiles, “Absolutely positively sure.....”

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