Friday, August 31, 2012

The children have long been put to bed. Stoney's family have stayed, knowing the children needed each others' company. Stoney, Alise, Tori, and Tannr still sat on the balcony with Ob and Pandora. Ike joins them, using the family mental path, as time in the busy Tavern permitted.

Tori looks up at the moon and takes Pandora's hand. "It is time to make the call."

Ob cuddles his wife close as he dials a number. It rings only three times before it is answered. Traeger's voice is husky with sleep, a tleast until he hears Ob's voice. His "Is it Pandy or the children?" brings a sigh from the Gargoyle.

Ob pauses, not sure how to begin. Instead he asks, "What time is it there?"

"Six am... what time for you?"

"One am. You're in Scotland now?"

Traeger's voice gentles. "Ob, Josi... What happened?"

The Gargoyle licks his lips and then kisses the top of Pandora's head. "*Los niƱos... they are fine. Bruha is...We are... Pandora... she lost..."

His voice breaks and Pandora reaches up, taking the cell phone from his hand. "Daddy?"

Ob flinches at the little girl sound of her voice. He holds her close as she tells her father of the little one. Ob can feel that she is leaving something out, but decides he will not push her on it until they are alone. She tells her father about the children, how they took the news, and their request to know the baby's name. After a short time, his wife ends the call by reminding her father she was in good hands and not to cut his trip short. What he is doing is something important. She tells her father goodbye, telling him she loves him and to walk with the Goddess' blessing. When she clicks the phone shut, she leans her face against Ob's chest and cries softly. Ob holds her, rocking slightly. The look in his eyes tells the others he is just barely holding himself together, and that he is only doing it to be strong for Pandora and the children.

*The children

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