Thursday, August 30, 2012

Eira doesnt see Jack as she gets off the plane and grabs her suitcase off the luggage rack.

Damn it... I hope he hasnt forgotten me already... that would just suck... maybe traffic or a funeral.... He said he would be here...

She sighs and starts to pace thinking she should find a place to sit. The airport was crowded so Eira moves towards a window and sits on her suitcase. She gazes outside deciding to give him a few minutes before she starts calling. Watching a plane take off Eira's mind starts to drift when she is startled by her phone beeping at her with a text from Jack.

Turn around Beautiful...

Eira starts to grin as she slowly stand and turns. “Jack....” Tears starts as she feels his arms go around her. “I missed you so much...”

“Not as much as I missed you...” Jack leans down for a kiss, capturing Eiras lips. “Mmm... we better go before we get arrested... wheres your stuff?”

Eira laughs, happy to be home and happy to be with Jack. “Over there...”

Jack lifts the suitcase and then acts as if his arm is hurt, “Whats in here? Bricks? I think my shoulder broke..”

“No, no bricks and you are not hurt...” Eira grins as she swats at him. The pair laugh and joke as they head towards the parking lot and Jacks truck.

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