Thursday, August 30, 2012

With Rowan absent on a well-deserved break, it is now my place to attend our patient. Thus I present myself in his room just after dusk. I quickly scan the room for children, relieved when I find evidence of none. Tourmaline notices and tells me with a mildly sadistic grin that Tara has returned to her own home. Tannr seems stronger, but by no means completely healed. Still his voice is strong when he wishes me good afternoon, and I take that as a good omen to his continued recovery.

"I regret, young man, that I must have another blood sample for analysis. Fear nothing, however; I have done this for so long that I daresay you will scarce notice it."

"He's tough," Tori says, eyes sparkling in more her old way. "He took a hit from a monster and came back from it, with your help and Rowan's. A tiny prick of a needle won't faze him."

And so it proves to be. I check the fluid level in the intravenous drip and advise him that he will probably be rid of its encumbrance upon the morrow, whereupon he smiles faintly. With Tourmaline's assistance, I compile a list of his solid and fluid intake and promise to send the elementals for his dishes presently. Through it all, I can all but feel the subtle communication between Tannr and his betrothed, and it is with an unseen smile that I bid them goodnight.

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