Thursday, August 30, 2012

Marc's nervousness seems to have dissipated in large part as he drives to Rowan's. It's a quiet, peaceful place on the outskirts of Exton. He texted her before he left, making sure she was ready. Nothing like showing up while the lady's still fussing with her hair to piss her off at you... but he has a hunch Rowan might be different from anyone he's ever known.

The house comes into view - a medium-size two-story house on the edge of the woods. It's shaded by several old trees and the house itself is surrounded by several short scrubby plants. She has a small garden out back, used for cultivating the herbs she uses in her medicines. Rowan is waiting on the porch and as he parks the car she rises and moves to meet him with a smile.

He lets his eyes play over her figure, dressed neatly but simply, a match for his own attire. "Welcome back," she says, smiling. She notices his undisguised appraisal and her smile widens.

"You look great," he says as she sits down and buckles her seat belt.

"Thanks, you too." Marc doesn't know Exton, so Rowan had recommended Gino's, an Italian restaurant and pub not all that far from the Tavern. They talk as he guides his rental through the streets, now and then using a shortcut that she recommends. Thus it is that some fifteen minutes later, they pull into the parking lot of a small unpretentious eatery with red gingham check curtains. The smell hits him as he opens his door and suddenly he's starving. He goes around to open Rowan's door, helps her out of the car and they walk side by side to the restaurant.

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