Friday, August 31, 2012

The phone ringing jars Rowan out of her day dream. As she stands and pulls the phone out of her pocket she notices the light fading and wonders where her day has slipped away to.

“Hello... this is Rowan...”

Her brow creases as she listens to Ob describe what has happened to Pandora and she sends a quick prayer to the Goddess for comfort for the family.

“Are you sure she wants me to see her? I am sure Star would go if Pandora would be more comfortable...”

“No, Priestess. She asked for you to come.”

“All right, then I will be on my way.”

Rowan enters the tavern to a group of rowdy children all clamoring for attention. She hadnt seen the kids lately and they were letting her know they didnt like it one bit.

She scoops up Gracie and gives her a hug amidst peals of giggles from the little girl. “Minx...”

Setting her down she sees Chloe, standing a bit to the side of the group. Rowan goes to her knees in front of her, not sure how much she knows, if anything. “How are you little one?”

Chloe throws herself in Rowans arms and Rowan wraps her arms around the small body. “Whats wrong sweetie?”

“Mama and Papa are so sad. They been trying to hide it, but we all feels it.” Chloes blue eyes are wide with unshed tears. “Did me or Teri do somethin' wrong? I dont want mama to be so sad...” A tear slips down a soft cheek and Rowan wipes it away.

“I know you and Teri didnt do anything. Sometimes its just grown up things and we dont tell the little ones because we dont want you to be sad too.”

“But we knows... we can feel it. Especially Tara...” Chloe looks to her cousin who nods solemnly.

Goddess... they are so perceptive, these little ones... 

“Let me go talk to your mama and papa. I will see what I can find out.” Rowan stands and sees Alise, getting the table ready for supper.

Rowan smiles a greeting and heads upstairs while Alise rounds up the children for supper.

Rowan sits with her arms around Pandora as she cries and tells Rowan exactly what happened. When she is calm Rowan does her exam and assures Pan and Ob that everything looks normal and that sometimes these things happen, seemingly for no reason.

Rowan tells them to take it easy for a few days, and tells Pandora to go easy on the lifting and get enough rest over the next couple of weeks. When she prescribes a mild pain killer for the cramping, Pandora shakes her head.

“I dont want anything...”

But Rowan interrupts. “Just in case, okay? You have two kids to chase around. Maybe just at bedtime for a couple of nights so you get enough sleep...”

Ob nods and says, “Listen to her Bruha, you know she is right.”

Pandora nods and Rowan asks. “What do you want me to tell the kids? They are asking all sorts of questions and Chloe knows somethings wrong. She thinks she did something to make you sad. I told her she didnt, but goddess knows what they are thinking...”

Ob and Pandora share a glance and Ob asks Rowan, “Is it all right to bring the children up to see their mama? I dont want to tire her..”

Rowan smiles softly, “Yes, I think it would be fine. Its usually better to just be honest with them. And a short visit shouldnt overtire you...” She hugs Pandora. “Shall I tell the kids that Ob will be down after supper?”

Pandora nods, “Yes... I think that would be best...”

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