Thursday, August 30, 2012

Rubbing at her face, Ike stretches. It was finally dark enough, finally time that her form was able to shift from stone to flesh. She carefully picks her way across the eaves on delicate goat hooves assisted by her feline claws. Sighing, the Chimera Gargoyle swings inside through an upper level window. Couldn't you have waited until I was awake? Dammit Tori, I miss all the freaking good stuff! She feels her sister's laughter. Her brothers fill her in on Tannr's dumbfounded surprise, and his... difficult situation.  Ducking into the room where the Gars keep extra clothes. Finally in full fleshed form, the statuesque blonde tugs on tight jeans and a loose blouse. Tying the strings on her top becomes a lost cause as familiar hands slide around her waist, drifting up to cup her full breasts. She moans at the rasp of stubble along her bare throat. Monty's voice is little more than a husky whisper. "Bend over the dresser. Now." Ike bites her lower lip, stretching up on her toes and  as his strong hands peel the denim down her legs. He pushes on her lower back and Ike giggles, pressing herself forward and raising herself up. She feels his hands spread her cheeks as his tongue slides slowly between her thighs. She whimpers and wriggles as he tastes her. A finger delves deep exploring her wetness. When she begins to moan, Monty rises and slides into her wetness with ease. "Watching Tori give Tannr a lapdance made me think of how hot and tight you are. If it was you, I don't think I could have stopped from taking you right there and then." He thrusts hard, making her squeal. "Especially with everyone watching..." She groans as he pulls out, grunting as he slams home. His nails slide along her sides, scraping lightly. Ike writhes, grinding on each of his thrusts. Monty groans, pounding into her even harder. He grabs her hips as she begins to milk him, fighting for every ounce of control he can muster. "I want..." Monty pulls back, pausing. Ike whimpers, mewling as he leaves her hanging on the edge. "I want you to beg." Ike tosses her hair as she tries to grind back. He holds her tight. "Beg Ike... I want to hear how much you need this." She clamps down, trying to suck him deeper. His hand cracks across a bare cheek. "Beg Ike..." She moans again as he pushes just a little deeper. "Please... Oh Goddess Monty... Please... I am sooo close!" He pulls back and she mews. "Monty! Goddess please.... Fuck me now!" She wails as he starts to pull backwards. "FUCK ME NOW!!!!" Monty slams deep. shoving her into the dresser. Three more hard thrusts has her screaming, writhing under him as she cums hard. He pulls back once more and rams as deep as he can. Bucking into her, he feels his sack pull up tight. Arching his back, Monty goes for that last inch as his cock erupts. His strength ebbs as his seed jets deep into Ike. Leaning over his lover's spent body, Monty moans. It takes everything he has not to collapse over her. Sweat drips from sodden lengths of hair as Monty fights for the energy to move. He licks gently along her shoulder, tugging at the fabric of her blouse with his teeth. "I think we need a shower and you need a fresh set of clothes." and you need to learn to block better... "Oh shit..." Ike looks over her shoulder at Monty. "I hope someone blocked us from the kids..." At the look on Monty's face she grimaces. "I didn't think to block us from my family.." She can feel Stoney's chuckle. The kids were blocked.. but... merde... You guys need to make videos... Just think how much we could get for those if we franchised it... Tori laughs as Ike shoves them out of her mind. The blonde buries her head in her arms. "Now I know how Stoney felt when Tori and I caught him and Alise..."

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